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The grand daddy of all tablets – a 32gb New iPad Wifi + Cellular – has finally landed on my hands; and let me get straight to the point – it is truly an exquisite device.

Since the dawn of the first iPad, Apple has revolutionized the tablet industry; the company became the impetus of a great change in consumer electronics. Suddenly, the word ‘tablet’ became a household name and made more sense. The iPad 2 even raised the bar even higher although it lacked features compared to its Android counterparts. In the end, it still stands as the top honcho of all all Post-PC devices.

The New iPad’s LOOK

The New iPad looks similar to the iPad2. This reminds me of the iPhone 4s compared the iPhone 4. If you look closer though, the new iPad has more depth (by .6mm) and it’s heavier (by 51g). I personally did not expect this but when I realized that the extra thickness and weight mean that this baby is packed with more power. In this case, with more power comes greater weight.



Notice in the picture above that the New iPad (left) is thicker compared to the iPad 2 (right).

The New iPad still uses an IPS display, just like the iPad 2. This time, the display is twice the pixel resolution and pixels per inch of the iPad 2 at 2048-by-1536 at 264 ppi. Yes, the new iPad has the High Resolution Retina Display. Text look clearer and pictures look more vivid. Play your favorite games at higher resolution to your heart’s content.


The icon of App Store on the new iPad is much clearer and crispier.


Meanwhile, the icon of the App Store on the iPad 2 is less stunning. It does not look like it's floating over the wallpaper.

Take a look at the screenshots below and see the difference between the new iPad and the iPad 2.

Here you can see the difference on pixel density of both devices. Texts on the new iPad look sharper.


Texts on the new iPad look sharper.


On the iPad 2, texts look less appealing but still readable.


Contrary to my wild forecast 6 days ago, the new iPad doesn’t have the A6 processor but the A5x processor. The A5x is a dual core processor (clocked at 800 MHz  to 1 GHz ) with low-power system-on-a-chip with quad-core graphics. Graphics performance wise, the A5x outsmarts Nvidia Tegra 3 (in Asus Transformer Prime) by 4x. It’s definitely an upgrade from its cuz (A5 processor) since the A5x is 2x faster. This all boils down to one fact: the New iPad is SUPER fast!

As for the RAM, the new iPad has 1GB. The RAM upgrade from 512mb to 1Gb is a significant upgrade especially now that site loading, applications and games are getting more demanding. It is important to note that RAM is relevant when reloading web pages, switching from one tab to another and multi-tasking application and games (continue using an application from a dumped-stated or paused-state).

The iSight, Facetime Camera and Voice Dictation

With the new iPad, the Front and Back camera are renamed iSight and Facetime Camera. Don’t get me wrong though as Apple didn’t just simply rename them – they also improved them.

  • 5-megapixel iSight camera
  • Autofocus
  • Tap to focus
  • Face detection in still images
  • Video recording, HD (1080p) up to 30 frames per second with audio
  • Video stabilization
  • FaceTime camera with VGA-quality photos and video at up to 30 frames per second
  • Photo and video geotagging
The technology that Apple conveniently put on the iPhone 4s is now inside the new iPad. Pictures taken are more vivid and videos look more real.

You won’t find Siri in this iPad. Instead, you’ll find a microphone beside the spacebar, which basically opens voice dictation once tapped. The voice dictation is an awesome feature but it would have been more awesome had they integrated Siri.

Will You Buy One?

Of course, the New iPad is a wonderful device; a device that made the words ‘Tablet’ and ‘Pad’ relevant again. Still, the great question remains? Is it time to replace your iPad 1 or iPad 2?

With all the great features that the guys from Apple put and improved on this new device, I believe that this is the best time for you to sell your iPad 1 for a bargain and buy this one. If you own an iPad 2, however, replacing it with the new iPad shouldn’t be a priority. If the Retina Display, faster processor, better camera and the enjoyment of owning yet another Apple device matter to you you, then, by all means, buy this.


It will also be available at Globe retail stores nationwide beginning tomorrow, May 29. For complete details on pricing and availability, please visit

Meanwhile, the new iPad will be available on May 31 at authorized resellers like Power Mac Center.

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