Nokia N900 Firmware Update PR 1.3 Released

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Nokia N900 user can now get the chance to upgrade their phones to the latest firmware, Public Release 1.3, which boast hundreds of bug fixes and an upgrade in the usability of the phone’s graphics chip.

In addition to the mentioned changes, the new update provides a way for users to dual-boot the nightly builds of Meego operating system. With the Nitdroid OS (Android for N900) heating up, the question is – would users want to dualboot Maemo and Meego or Maemo and Nitdroid?

N900 update PR 1.3

Meanwhile, check out the noticeable changes, that MaemoFanatics complied, in the latest firmware update for Nokia’s one and only Maemo 5 device, the Nokia N900:
– MicroB (browser), Modest (e-mail) and hildon-desktop (desktop UI) have been updated and will provide a much faster experience, less glitching and reduced process pegging.

– Universal Contact Search has improved response time for displaying results.

– Audio playback no longer causes abnormal high processor usage, and pause/resume playback after a call is much more predictable and works as it should. In addition, the mediaplayer widget ‘play’ button now works.

– Portrait mode transition is faster for all applications that support rotation. Feels “constant” and much more deliberate.

– Accounts being forced to error-offline during new network connection has been fixed.

– Several fixes to Mail for Exchange. Unknown if Google syncing has been addressed.

– You can now enter a lowercase letter at the beginning of a sentence.

– Camera and image browsing has less “chop” and stuttering. Feels much more fluid.

– Delay added to screen unlocking during alarm or phone call. Reduces unwanted input.

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