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ASUS has just announced the ROG Ally X, an upgraded version of their popular ROG Ally handheld gaming PC. The Ally X offers several improvements over the original model that make it an enticing upgrade for power users. However, the increased cost is also something to consider. Let’s look at the key upgrades and whether they justify the investment.

Better Ergonomics and Cooling

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One of the biggest upgrades on the Ally X is the redesigned chassis for improved ergonomics. It has a slightly deeper curve to the handles, a rounder overall shape, and an ergonomic slant to the triggers. This should result in more comfortable gaming sessions. The d-pad and joysticks have also been refined for better precision.

The cooling has been overhauled as well. The Ally X has a new tri-fan design with 23% smaller and 50% thinner fan blades for more airflow. It also adds air tunnels and an upper exhaust fan, promising up to 24% better cooling performance.

Higher Capacity Battery and More RAM/Storage

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Under the hood, the Ally X doubles the RAM to 24GB LPDDR5X and can be configured with up to 1TB of speedy PCIe 4.0 NVMe storage. The battery capacity has also been doubled to 80Wh for longer unplugged gaming sessions.

The increased RAM will allow you to keep more apps and games running simultaneously. And the 1TB storage option gives you much more room for an extensive game library without needing external drives.

Dual USB-C Ports, Goodbye XG Mobile Port


Asus has replaced the ROG XG Mobile interface on the Ally with dual USB-C ports on the Ally X. This gives you more flexibility to connect devices and accessories, including the use of an external GPU that does not use a proprietary connection. Speaking of which, those who have already purchased an XG Mobile would probably want to stick to the original Ally.

What Hasn’t Changed

While the upgrades are substantial, it’s worth noting what hasn’t changed. The Ally X still uses the same AMD Ryzen Z1 processor, 7″ 120Hz display, front speakers, and runs Windows 11 out of the box. So you won’t see any performance uplifts in games from the CPU/GPU itself.

The Ally X also weighs about 70 grams more than the original due to the larger battery and redesigned chassis. And of course, with the upgraded specs comes a higher price tag.

Is It Worth Upgrading to the ROG Ally X?

For owners of the original ROG Ally, the upgrades make the Ally X an attractive option if you want more RAM, storage, better ergonomics, and superior cooling. The higher price is the main drawback.

If you don’t have the original and are choosing between the two, the Ally X is definitely worth considering for the future-proofing benefits of the extra RAM and storage headroom. You just have to be prepared to pay a premium. If, for any reason, you have an XG Mobile lying around, then keeping the original Ally may be your best bet for now.

Note that this article is just based off the published specs and features of the ROG Ally X. We still have to do a proper review to check the performance side of things.


Q: What’s new in the Armoury Crate SE v1.5 software?

A: The latest Armoury Crate SE v1.5 software offers a more intuitive user interface, increased customization options, and new functions like performance profiling.

Q: What’s the difference in size/weight between the Ally and Ally X?

A: The Ally X is slightly larger overall at 280x114x37mm versus 280x116x32mm for the Ally. It also weighs 70 grams more at 678g due to the bigger battery.

Q: Does the Ally X have any exclusive games or performance advantages?

A: No, both the Ally and Ally X use the same AMD Ryzen Z1 processor and can run the same games from the Microsoft Store and other PC game libraries. However, it remains to be seen as to whether the improved thermal solution has a significant effect on its performance over the original ROG Ally.

Q: What’s better about the new USB-C ports versus the XG Mobile port?

The dual USB-C connections allow you to connect a wider range of accessories and devices.

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