MediaTek on the Integration of Generative AI in the Smartphone Industry

MediaTek On the Integration of GAI in the phone industry

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MediaTek‘s Generative AI integration with smartphones aims to transform the industry, introducing new functions and features to flagship and sub-flagship products, eventually moving down price bands and benefiting a broader consumer base worldwide.

MediaTek’s take on the Generative AI integration in the smartphone industry

Generative AI phones utilize pre-trained models for multimodal content generation, contextual awareness, and increasing human-like capabilities, marking a new era in smartphone development and mobile intelligence. To be considered a generative AI phone, a device must meet the following criteria: 

  • On-device or hybrid processing of foundational models enables the smartphone to perform complex generative AI tasks without relying solely on cloud-based servers.
  • Multimodal capabilities, allow the device to process text, images, voice, and other forms of input to generate a variety of outputs, with use cases such as translations, image generation, and video generation.
  • A user experience that is fluid and seamless, enables the device to provide natural interactions and intuitive responses to the user’s inputs and requests.
  • Hardware specifications that are capable of supporting the above capabilities, include but are not limited to a processor built on the latest process node designed to undertake AI workload leveraging integrated or standalone neural network processing units (such as APU/NPU/TPU), large memory capacity with high bandwidth, stable and high-speed connectivity options, and hardware-level and software-level security solutions.

Furthermore, with the development of AI cognition, AI agents will acquire more comprehensive capabilities. MediaTek believes that future agents will also possess autonomous decision-making abilities, capable of “Planning”, “Memory”, and “Action”:

  • Planning – Having the ability to decompose tasks and self-reflect.
  • Memory – Having short-term and long-term memory. 
  • Action – Directly executing or using tools to complete specific tasks for the user.  
MediaTek On the Integration of GAI in the phone industry

MediaTek envisions AI agents learning and remembering smartphone users’ habits, interests, and preferences to assist in daily life and work tasks, allowing humans to focus on setting targets and making decisions.

Furthermore, the chip manufacturer has launched mobile computing platforms for generative AI phones, using chipsets like Dimensity 9300 and 8300, which can achieve inference speeds of up to 20 tokens per second.

MediaTek offers a comprehensive set of toolkits, including the MediaTek NeuroPilot SDK, for smartphone AI application development. This generative AI ecosystem includes a seventh-generation APU, toolkits, a GAI Model Hub, and a development ecosystem, enabling efficient deployment of AI models on devices.

Moreover, the company’s generative AI strategy consists of hardware, software, and an ecosystem. The new APU engine, built on Transformer architecture, offers energy efficiency. The software provides a toolkit for AI model deployment and applications. MediaTek collaborates with smartphone OEMs and developers to build a generative AI mobile application ecosystem.

MediaTek has upgraded its mobile hardware-level security mechanism to generative AI-level solutions, providing comprehensive protection for model parameters, user privacy, and operational data. The new AI Security 2.0 enhances storage capacity, efficiency, and decryption speed, preparing the industry for the era of 6G and supporting the evolution of generative AI phones.

To explore further generative AI in the smartphone industry, a whitepaper has been jointly released by Counterpoint Research and MediaTek along with other partners, including 01.AI, Alibaba Cloud Tongyi Qianwen, Baichuan-AI, Huya, Kugou, OPPO, Soul, Tencent AI Lab, Tencent Hunyuan and vivo (in alphabetical order), you can check it out here.

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