HONOR Unveils Four-Layer AI Architecture with HONOR 200 Series

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At VivaTech 2024, one of Europe’s premier tech and innovation events, HONOR made a significant announcement by introducing its innovative Four-Layer AI Architecture.

HONOR Four Layer AI Architecture (2)

This development underscores HONOR’s dedication to on-device AI and human-centric design, aiming to deliver seamless and intelligent experiences to users.

The Four-Layer AI Architecture consists of:

  1. Cross-device and Cross-OS AI: This foundational layer enables an open ecosystem, facilitating computing power and service sharing among HONOR devices and operating systems.
  2. Platform-level AI: It personalizes the operating system, allowing intent-based human-computer interaction and efficient resource allocation.
  3. App-level AI: This layer pioneers innovative, generative AI applications to revolutionize user experiences.
  4. Interface to Cloud-AI services: It ensures user access to extensive cloud services while prioritizing privacy protection.

“At HONOR, we believe in harnessing on-device AI’s personalization, intuitiveness, and privacy protection to unlock AI’s full potential safely. We are excited to collaborate with Google Cloud to push the boundaries of this hybrid approach and deliver seamless AI experiences to our users.”

– George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co., Ltd.

The company showcased MagicOS 8.0 featuring Magic Portal, the industry’s first intent-based UI that understands user behavior and streamlines complex tasks. Magic Portal currently supports 100 top applications across various categories and is set to expand further.

In conjunction with this AI strategy, HONOR introduced the HONOR 200 Series. These smartphones draw inspiration from Studio Harcourt’s legendary portrait photography techniques, using AI to replicate iconic lighting and shadow effects for studio-quality portraits.

HONOR’s developments in AI and device integration reflect a commitment to personalization, intuitiveness, and privacy protection, aiming to unlock AI’s full potential safely and efficiently.

For more announcements, follow HONOR Philippines’ social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok Shop. To check out HONOR’s complete list of retail stores, click here.


Q: What is HONOR’s Four-Layer AI Architecture?

A: It’s a strategy comprising Cross-device and Cross-OS AI, Platform-level AI, App-level AI, and Interface to Cloud-AI services, designed to enable seamless AI experiences across devices while prioritizing privacy.

Q: What is Magic Portal in MagicOS 8.0?

A: Magic Portal is an intent-based UI that understands user behavior and streamlines complex tasks into single-step processes, currently supporting 100 top applications.

Q: How does the HONOR 200 Series enhance photography?

A: The HONOR 200 Series uses AI to replicate Studio Harcourt’s iconic lighting and shadow effects, ensuring studio-quality portraits with every shot.

Q: Who is HONOR collaborating with for Gen-AI experiences?

A: HONOR is collaborating with Google Cloud to integrate forthcoming Gen-AI experiences into their smartphones.

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