Vets Use the Apple Watch to Check the Heart Rate of Lions

apple watch used on lions

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It seems that the Apple Watch‘s heart rate monitoring functionality can be used to monitor not only humans but also animals, as demonstrated by Dr. Chloe Buiting, an Australian wildlife veterinarian, by wrapping an Apple Watch around a sedated lion’s tongue.

Apple Watch used by vets

Australian wildlife veterinarian Dr. Chloe Buiting discovered the functionality of Apple Watch heart rate monitoring on lions. The device was used to monitor an anesthetized lion’s heart rate during medical examinations and surgeries. 

apple watch used on lions

The idea was first proposed by Drs. Fabiola Quesada and Brendan Tindall. The device has also been used on elephants, with accurate readings achieved when taped to the elephant’s ears.

Dr. Buiting on IG (username jungle_doctor) posted a video of a sedated lion being monitored using the smartwatch, highlighting the technology’s role in conservation.¬†

The device is crucial for monitoring anesthesia without hospital equipment, as many devices are designed for smaller animals, affecting the accuracy of readings on larger or furrier animals.

The smartwatch’s unintended capability to monitor a lion’s heart rate has led to a growing use of technology by wildlife conservationists. The Apple Watch model used in the incident remains unclear, despite all models having heart rate monitoring capabilities.


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