Samsung Reportedly Working on 2nm Exynos 2600 Chip

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Samsung is said to be preparing its foundries to pump out the 2nm Samsung Exynos 2600 chips dubbed “Thetis”. This is said to come along with the plan for mass production of its first 3nm Exynos chipset using its Gate All Around (GAA) design. 

Samsung Exynos 2600 2nm Node

Samsung Exynos 2600 2nm node

According to ET News sources, Samsung is set to launch a 2nm-based SoC in 2025, aiming to debut it in the Galaxy S26 series. The new processor, codenamed “Thetis,” is expected to be launched with Samsung’s flagship phones in 2026. 

This marks a significant technological breakthrough, as smaller transistors allow for more efficient performance on a single chip, enhancing Samsung’s semiconductor manufacturing capabilities.

Samsung Foundry’s SF2 will compete with Apple’s upcoming A-series, M-series, and AI chips, all using 2nm technology. Apple is expected to unveil its 2nm chipset for the iPhone 17 series by September 2025. 

Samsung is timing its next Exynos launch for a later date, with the Exynos 2600 powering the Galaxy S26 series globally, except in the US, China, and Canada.

Samsung’s Exynos 2600 may feature its own GPU, a departure from AMD’s previous models, indicating its commitment to developing high-performance mobile chipsets independently.

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