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The Samsung Galaxy Ring was teased in February, with much of its details, including its price, remain a mystery.

Samsung Galaxy Ring details

For a quick refresher, the Samsung Galaxy Ring is said to be a companion to the Galaxy Watch, and offers 24/7 health and activity tracking, detecting sleep apnea and monitoring heart rate, breathing, and sleep.

But what about the subscription offer? Unlike Apple’s Fitness+, which provides access to a plethora of video workouts, the specifics of Samsung’s subscription remain unknown.

However, there are hints that the Galaxy Ring will integrate with Samsung Food, potentially offering detailed meal plans and diet suggestions calibrated with data from the ring itself.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

The subscription, reportedly “under USD 10” per month, will be tied to Samsung Health. Samsung Electronics VP Dr. Hon Pak hinted at this during a CNBC interview when the ring was first teased.

For context, Fitbit Premium costs USD 10 a month or USD 80 annually, and Apple Fitness+ is similarly priced. Notably, the Oura Ring, a more direct competitor, offers a membership for USD 6 a month or USD 70 annually. Samsung may be aiming for a similar recurring revenue model with the Galaxy Ring.

The Galaxy Ring, according to tipster Yogesh Brar, is priced between USD 300-350 in the US and INR 35,000 in India. The subscription, on the other hand, is unclear if it will be mandatory or if it provides a more premium user experience.


Q: How much will the Samsung Galaxy Ring cost?

A: The Ring is expected to be priced between USD 300 and 350 in the US and around INR 35,000 in India. This pricing information comes from reliable sources, though Samsung has yet to confirm the exact figures.

Q: Is there a subscription fee for the Samsung Galaxy Ring?

A: Yes, there is a subscription associated with the Ring. The subscription is expected to cost “under USD 10” per month and will be tied to Samsung Health. The specifics of whether this subscription is mandatory or optional for enhanced features are still unclear.

Q: What features will the Samsung Galaxy Ring subscription offer?

A: While detailed features of the subscription are not fully disclosed, it is speculated that the subscription will include advanced integrations with Samsung Health and Samsung Food. This might provide users with more detailed meal plans and diet suggestions, leveraging data collected from the ring to offer personalized health and fitness insights.


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