DOST Collaborates to Produce Smart Footwear For Esports Players Around the Globe

Smart Footwear DOST collab

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DOST (Department of Science and Technology) has partnered with different organizations to make smart footwear. These organizations are the PCCINM (Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry New Marikina), PFFI (Philippine Footwear Federation Inc.), and ESWF (Esports World Federation) . The planned footwear will be worn officially by professional gamers worldwide. 

Smart Footwear for Esports Professionals

The Esports World Federation is the umbrella organization of all international electronic sports and games. The DOST was tapped by the ESWF to do advanced research on Marikina footwear that will be used by professional gamers from around the world.

Smart footwear, in general, is an innovative technology revolutionizing the future of footwear. These interactive shoes are equipped with features like haptic-based navigation systems, Bluetooth connectivity, and integrated sensors to provide personalized feedback and guidance to users. 

Smart Footwear DOST collab

In this case, however, as seen in the image above, the smart shoe project dubbed TALI ( Technology-Based Active Lifestyle Innovation) will contain features like 4-point pressure sensors, an automatic no-tie feature, a built-in battery, and a Bluetooth module.

The shoe will be able to track heart rate, distance traveled, step counter, and calories burned.

While the smart shoe market is still in its early stages, major brands like Nike, Under Armour, and Xiaomi have already released their innovative models.

As technology advances, smart shoes are set to become more accessible and offer enhanced features like auto-lacing, temperature regulation, and injury prevention. The future of footwear is undoubtedly smart and connected.

So if this local project becomes successful, it will be a great feat of innovation and will put the country, specifically local Marikina shoemakers, on the world map.


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