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Colorful Technology Company Limited, a leading brand in gaming PC components, gaming laptops, and HiFi audio products, is at Computex 2024 from Jun 4 to Jun 7, 2024. 

COLORFUL Technology will be exhibiting its latest and upcoming products at booth L0417a located at 4F, Hall 1 of the Nangang Exhibition Center.


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Colorful Computex 2024 012
Colorful Computex 2024 012

The company is expanding its Vulcan, Neptune, and Mini-Series to include other PC components and liquid cooling for the COLORFUL iGame GeForce RTX 4090 Vulcan LAB.

Features the themed gaming PCs launched and launching this year which include the COLORFIRE MEOW and iGame ULTRA gaming PC Sets. Upcoming Vulcan, and MINI Series gaming PCs.

Vulcan Series PC


The company introduces the Vulcan Series, featuring a high-end motherboard, DDR5 memory, chassis, peripherals, PSU, and liquid cooler. The iGame Z790D5 Vulcan is a high-end option, while the Vulcan RGB DDR5 memory is available in black.

The Vulcan Series features a liquid CPU cooler, a 1000W power supply, and a compact 75% keyboard layout, all made of metal for gamers.

Neptune Series PC

Colorful Computex 2024 018
Colorful Computex 2024 018

The Neptune Series PC is an open-frame system with a pre-installed Z790 motherboard and water block, offering liquid cooling for the CPU, critical components, and graphics card. Available in pre-assembled and barebones configurations, The company is preparing a Z890 Neptune motherboard for next-generation Intel Core processors.

Mini Series PC


Designed for small-form-factor PC enthusiasts, the iGame Mini Series PC sports a 12.8L chassis featuring mesh panels and a top-mounted graphics card layout. The Mini PC features the popular iGame GeForce RTX 4060 Ti MINI OC 16GB graphics card, CVN B760i FROZEN WIFI D5 mini-ITX motherboard, and CVN ICICLE DDR5-6600 32GB kit memory.

New iGame Products

Also to be showcased at COMPUTEX is the Loong Edition Series which was introduced earlier this year in celebration of the Year of the Dragon. The Loong Edition consists of graphics cards, a motherboard, and memory.

COLORFUL will also be introducing the new additions in the Ultra Z Series which will now include a motherboard. The iGame GeForce RTX 40 SUPER and RTX 40 Series Ultra Z graphics cards launched last year feature a hidden cable connector. The new Ultra Z motherboard complements the hidden cable design having the connectors located at the rear.

iGame LAB

COLORFUL will be presenting a liquid cooling water block and distribution plate for the COLORFUL iGame GeForce RTX 4090 Vulcan LAB graphics card. The liquid cooling solutions deliver superior cooling performance with their all-copper water block and all-metal design. The new liquid cooling solutions are perfect for liquid cooling enthusiasts.

iGame Wheel Hub PC and Racing Sim

COLORFUL’s booth will also include PC mods visitors can play with. Feature mods include a Racing Wheel PC and a racing sim machine. The racing sim PC features iGame Ultra Series components and a full sim racing setup.

On the other hand, the Racing Wheel PC Mod features an SFFPC configuration featuring an iGame GeForce RTX 4060 Ti MINI OC 16GB graphics card and CVN B760i FROZEN WIFI D5 mini-ITX motherboard.


COLORFUL booth attendees can experience gaming, creating, and productivity demos powered by COLORFUL GPUs in the NVIDIA AI Zone. These GPUs deliver up to 1,321 TOPS of AI performance and utilize Tensor Cores for faster AI experiences.


COLORFIRE MEOW gaming PCs will be featured in our booth at COMPUTEX. Launched last year, the COLORFIRE MEOW Series is created for gamers and cat lovers alike. Now, the COLORFIRE MEOW collection includes gaming laptops.

Lastly, COLORFUL will be presenting its latest and upcoming laptops featuring the EVOL X, EVOL P, and EVOL G Series laptops. COLORFUL also introduces Lila, a space explorer from whom the new laptop’s design gets its inspiration

For more information on COLORFUL products at Computex 2024, visit their website.

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