Capturing Gary V’s Pure Energy One Last Time Concert with HUAWEI Pura 70 Pro


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HUAWEI Pura 70 Pro is an impressive concert-capture tool!

I am huge fan of Gary Valenciano. Last week, I was invited to attend his Pure Energy One Last Time concert tour as a Grab partner. This was billed as Gary V’s farewell concert series after an incredible 40-year career in music. I knew I needed to capture every moment perfectly, so I brought along Huawei’s new HUAWEI Pura 70 Pro smartphone to put its impressive camera capabilities to the test.

HUAWEI Pura 70 Pro Gary V 11

The Snapshot Feature is a Game-Changer

One particularly noteworthy feature of the HUAWEI Pura 70 Pro is the “Snapshot” function. This innovative tool excels at capturing fleeting moments with remarkable clarity. During fast-paced concerts like Gary V’s, it can be nearly impossible to avoid blurry shots when trying to photograph the energetic performers.

HUAWEI Pura 70 Pro Gary V 02

However, the Snapshot mode on the Pura 70 Pro seamlessly blends multiple exposures together. It combines shots taken at different shutter speeds to freeze motion while retaining proper lighting and detail. This allowed me to get crisp photos of Gary V dancing and singing across the stage without any blur.

100x Zoom Brings You Closer to the Action

HUAWEI Pura 70 Pro

Another standout capability is the Pura 70 Pro’s impressive 100x zoom range. Most smartphone cameras top out at 10x zoom, making it difficult to get tight shots from far away. But Huawei’s hybrid zoom system uses precision optics and AI processing to let you zoom in much closer.

HUAWEI Pura 70 Pro Gary V 01

From my seat towards the back of the venue, I was able to use the 100x zoom to frame dramatic close-ups of Gary V that made it feel like I was right there on stage with him. The image quality remained tack sharp even at maximum zoom. This sort of zoom power is game-changing for concert photography.

Night Mode Captures Brilliant Stage Lighting

Of course, no concert experience would be complete without colorful stage lighting and visual effects. The Pura 70 Pro’s Night mode allowed me to capture these vibrant lighting displays in all their glory.

Huawei’s computational photography combines multiple exposures to significantly increase dynamic range and light capture. The resulting photos had bright, vivid colors that popped off the screen while still retaining detail in the shadows and highlights. The lighting rigs, lasers, and fog effects all looked spectacular.

Stellar Video Recording Even While Zoomed In

In addition to still photos, I also recorded plenty of video clips throughout the show. The Pura 70 Pro’s video recording capabilities proved just as impressive as its still photo modes.

One area where it particularly excelled was video zoom performance. Even while zoomed in 10x or more, the video remained stable and free of artifacts thanks to Huawei’s AI-powered stabilization. This is a stark contrast to most smartphones, which produce shaky, low-quality video when using zoom.

I was able to get crystal clear 4K video clips of Gary V from across the massive venue that looked like I was just a few feet away. The zoom versatility opened up many more creative possibilities for my concert video footage.

A True Photography Powerhouse

Using the Huawei Pura 70 Pro to document Gary Valenciano’s Pure Energy concert was an absolute joy. Its cutting-edge camera system let me capture the full experience in incredible detail, from the most energetic dance moves to the dazzling light shows.

HUAWEI Pura 70 Pro Review 14

The Snapshot mode gave me the power to freeze fast action without blur. The phenomenal zoom capabilities brought me up close to the stage from the nosebleed seats. And the Night mode rendered the vibrant visuals in all their glory.

While smartphones have become the go-to tool for shooting concerts these days, the Pura 70 Pro seriously upped the experience to a whole new level. It combines the portability of a smartphone with real professional-grade camera capabilities. For music fans who want to preserve those special live moments forever, the Pura 70 Pro is a must-have and my Galaxy S24 Ultra seriously met its match.

Huawei Pura 70 series is Now Available for Pre-Order

Huawei is accepting pre-orders for its latest flagship smartphone series, the Pura 70, from May 17 to May 30, 2024 in the Philippines. By pre-ordering, customers can be among the first to experience the cutting-edge camera capabilities of this new lineup. As an incentive, pre-order customers will receive free gifts like the DJI Osmo Mobile 6 (worth ₱7,999) and Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 (worth ₱9,999).

Huawei Pura 70 Pre order
Huawei Pura 70 Pre order

Those trading in an old Huawei smartphone during the pre-order period can get a token worth ₱8,000 for the Pura 70 or Pura 70 Pro models, or ₱10,000 for the Pura 70 Ultra.

To make the purchase more affordable, Huawei is offering installment payment plans of up to 24 months through credit cards or up to 18 months via Home Credit financing.

ProductPre-order PeriodPre-order Offer and ValueTrade-in TokenMax Trade in Value for Pura 70 SeriesInstallment
HUAWEI Pura 70May 17 to may 30, 2024DJI OSMO Mobile 6 Worth PHP 7,999 + HUAWEI Freebuds Pro 2 worth PHP 9,999PHP 8,000 tokenPHP 23,195Credit Card Installment – up to 24 months   Home Credit Installment up to 18 months
HUAWEI Pura 70 ProPHP 8,000 token
HUAWEI Pura 70 UltraPHP 10,000 token

Giancarlo Viterbo is a Filipino Technology Journalist, blogger and Editor of, He is also a Geek, Dad and a Husband. He knows a lot about washing the dishes, doing some errands and following instructions from his boss on his day job. Follow him on twitter: @gianviterbo and @gadgetpilipinas.

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