UK Lawsuit Claims Apple Unfairly Charges Developers High Commission Fees

Apple UK lawsuit

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Apple faces a GBP 1 billion lawsuit in the UK from 1,500 developers, which has been unsuccessfully dismissed. The UK court has ruled the suit can proceed to trial.

Apple’s UK Lawsuit

The lawsuit claims that the company unfairly charged some developers a high commission fee of up to 30% for app sales and other content. These developers argue that the company is taking advantage of its dominant market position for distributing apps on iPhones and their other devices and is seeking compensation.

Apple UK lawsuit

Moreover, the company’s lawyer argued that UK developers cannot claim claims unless charged through the UK App Store, but the judge ruled that overcharging commissions for non-UK transactions is UK-based conduct.

Apple faces claims in the EU to allow alternative app stores and allow developers to charge customers outside the App Store if they choose.


  • What are the developers accusing Apple of in the lawsuit?
    • The developers claim that the company unfairly charged them up to 30% commission fees on app and content sales.
  • How did Apple’s lawyer respond to the claims?
    • The Comapny’s lawyer argued developers can’t claim in the UK unless the charges were made through the UK App Store.
  • What was the judge’s ruling on Apple’s argument?
    • The judge disagreed with the brand’s stance, stating overcharging UK-based developers for transactions on non-UK storefronts is considered conduct within the UK.
  • Has Apple faced similar allegations in other regions?
    • Yes, in the EU, the company must allow alternative app stores and let developers charge customers outside of the App Store if they choose.
  • What are the developers seeking in the lawsuit?
    • The developers are seeking damages for what they see as the company’s abuse of its dominant position in the market.


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