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iOS App Store Emulators

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The first game emulators are now available in the iOS App Store. A result of Apple loosening its guidelines about the kinds of apps it would approve in response to mounting regulatory pressure.

Apple iOS App Store Gaming Emulators are Here

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Apple updated its App Review Guidelines due to US and EU scrutiny on third-party software allowed on devices, causing emulators to be unavailable on iOS. Because of this, emulators are now responsible for all software loaded into apps and must comply with applicable laws in their regions. However, the legality of emulators remains unclear. 

The success of these emulators may depend on the manufacturer’s attitude, as Nintendo has traditionally been strict on blocking emulation software.

Apple  iOS App Store Gaming Emulators

However, one app, the iGBA emulator, a copy-cat emulator with embedded ads, has been removed as another app, Emu64 XL app, is much more preferred by the platform. This is one of the examples of the strict implementation of the rules of the App Store.


  • What changes has Apple made to its App Review Guidelines?
    • Apple has updated its guidelines in response to US and EU regulatory pressure, allowing certain gaming emulators on the iOS App Store.
  • Are gaming emulators now available on the iOS App Store?
    • Yes, for the first time, gaming emulators are available in the iOS App Store due to Apple’s updated guidelines.
  • What responsibilities do emulators have?
    • Emulators must ensure all software loaded into their apps complies with applicable laws in their regions, as they are responsible for the content in their apps.
  • How do manufacturers view gaming emulators?
    • Manufacturers, particularly Nintendo, have traditionally been strict in blocking emulation software and may continue to influence the success of emulators.
  • What happened to the iGBA app?
    • The iGBA app, a copy of an open-source emulator with embedded ads, was removed from the iOS App Store for being a copy of the Emu64 XL app. This demonstrates Apple’s strict enforcement of its App Store rules.

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