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Lenovo LOQ 15IRX9 2024 Initial Review Philippines

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Lenovo’s Innovate 24 Bangkok, Thailand event showcased the brand’s latest Gen 9 Yoga, Legion, and LOQ devices highlighting AI and featuring Intel Core Ultra processors and Microsoft Pilot. Lenovo also introduced its LA AI core chips that are on the newly launched laptops, including the Lenovo LOQ 15IRX9 2024. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new with the 2024 iteration of the Lenovo LOQ Gaming Laptop.

Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 2024 Initial Review 19
Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 2024 Initial Review 19

The Lenovo LOQ 15IRX9 blends the looks of the retired IdeaPad and Legion designs with the chassis based on the IdeaPad but with the latter’s color profile.

Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 2024 Initial Review 28
Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 2024 Initial Review 28

The LOQ logo is placed on the top-left design of the lid with the Lenovo logo positioned on the adjacent side. At first glance, the LOQ 15IRX9 looks like more of a Legion laptop.

Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 2024 Initial Review 33
Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 2024 Initial Review 33

Lenovo’s implementation of the new Coldfront: HyperChamber design eliminates the iconic side vents found on Lenovo gaming laptops. As a result, you now have a much cleaner chassis which makes the LOQ 15IRX9 look and feel like a premium gaming laptop.

Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 2024 Initial Review 25
Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 2024 Initial Review 25

Despite the removal of the side vents, the majority of the ports are still located on the back for the 2024 Lenovo LOQ. The back has two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports, an RJ45 port, an HDMI 2.1 port, DC-in port while the right side has one USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A port, one USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port, audio combo jack, and E-shutter switch.

Coldfront: HyperChamber Cooling

The latest iteration of the renowned Coldfront cooling system is the Coldfront: HyperChamber thermal solution that’s engineered to address managing heat within gaming laptops. The Coldfront: HyperChamber optimizes heat exchanges by transforming the chassis’s airflow and channeling the chips’ hot air through a central hyperbaric chamber. The bottom D-cover separates the hot air expelled and the cold air drawn by the dual-fan setup resulting in cooler temperatures.

Compared to the Legion 5i and Legion 7i Gen 9 2024‘s Coldfront: HyperChamber setup, the LOQ unit has noticeably fewer heat pipes likely due to the less powerful components inside and slightly thinner chamber walls. That said, Lenovo claims the new cooling system to lowering the laptop’s skin temperature by -2°C and lowering the fan noise by -2dB all while getting a performance TDP boost of up to 25 watts.

The Lenovo LOQ 15IRX9’s keyboard has a 1.5mm key travel and is noticeably wobblier compared to the Legion laptops. Depending on the configuration, you can get either a white backlight or 4-zone RGB lighting. Unlike most entry-level gaming laptops, Lenovo managed to still fit a full-sized keyboard on the LOQ 15IRX9.

Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 2024 Initial Review 24
Lenovo LOQ Gen 9 2024 Initial Review 24

Unfortunately, like most entry-level gaming laptops, the LOQ’s trackpad falls short on the tactile feedback department and its trackpad size relative to the chassis size. That said, since the LOQ is a gaming laptop you’ll probably use a mouse for most of your time with the laptop, especially when gaming.

Lenovo LA AI Core Chips

Lenovo LOQ 15IRX9 2024 Initial Review 39
Lenovo LOQ 15IRX9 2024 Initial Review 39

Alongside the new cooling system are the Lenovo AI Core chips which are also found on the Gen 9 Yoga laptops. The Lenovo AI Core chip enables Gen 9 Legion and LOQ gaming laptops to have AI-assisted performance boosts while maintaining optimal power efficiency. This results in much higher and more stable frame rates without compromising power working hand in hand with the new Coldfront: HyperChamber cooling system.

Early Verdict – Setting A New Standard

To summarize the recently held Lenovo Innovate 2024 event, Lenovo launched its latest product offerings featuring three key highlights: Intel Core Ultra & 14th Gen Processors, a new Coldfront: HyperChamber thermal management system, and the debut of the LA AI Core chip. All of these are present on Lenovo’s entry-level gaming laptop offering, the LOQ 15IRX9.

Normally you’d find newly launched feature sets exclusive to higher-end models and with some features only exclusive to the flagship variant but Lenovo is raising the standard with the 2024 LOQ variant. Unlike other brands, Lenovo didn’t opt for an “artificial” gimp on its entry-level offering just to give more value to the higher end models. So, we’ll have to see in the full review if it tops the budget gaming segment with its flagship-like features.

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