PESONet, InstaPay Transactions Up by 46.8% in 2023

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According to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), digital transactions continued its growth in 2023 with the volume of the transactions conducted via PESONet and InstaPay increasing by 46.8% in 2023.

The two are the first automated clearing houses in the country under the National Retail Payment System, with the goal of modernizing the payment systems nationally.

PESONet and InstaPay Transactions in 2023

The value of transactions conducted via the clearing houses reached PHP 12.9 trillion last year, about a 30% increase compared to last year’s PHP 9.9 trillion transactions.

A breakdown of the transactions and volumes are as follows:

Transactions (2023)Transactions (2022)Difference in Percent
InstaPayPHP 5.02 trillionPHP 3.54 trillion41.8% increase
PESONETPHP 7.84 trillionPHP 6.41 trillion22.3% increase
Volume (2023)Volume (2022)Difference in Percent
InstaPay838.56 million548.66 million52.8% increase
PESONET91.08 million84.81 million7.3% increase

BSP InstaPay and PESONet transactions 2023 featured image

The performance was impressive in December alone with PESONet’s transactions totaling to PHP 758.1 billion in a volume of 7.78 million. InstaPay, on the other hand, clocked in PHP 549.7 billion with a 97 million volume.


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