Is MSI Launching a Gaming Handheld at CES 2024?

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With the rising popularity of gaming handhelds, it’s not surprising that a lot of brands are itching to get a share of the pie. MSI certainly thinks so too.

The brand has posted a teaser of what looks like its own take on the gaming handheld, most likely in time for a debut at CES 2024.

What to Expect from MSI’s Gaming Handheld

MSI Gaming Handheld CES 2024 (2)

Unfortunately, details are scarce, but here’s what we can tell from the teaser, along with some speculations.

  • According to MSI, the device will be a “whole new breed of MSI dragon,” which probably means that they’ve ventured into another space, the handheld gaming space.
  • “Get a grip and stay tuned”, which means it’s something handheld.
  • It’ll most likely run on an AMD processor (though having Intel chip isn’t too far off), though it remains to be seen if it’ll be running the same chips as the competing devices, or will this be a brand new chip?
  • It’ll most likely run Windows 11, with some sort of overlay where you can manage all your games.

Well, we’ll just have to find out as to what the brand has in store. Thankfully, we’re covering MSI’s event at CES 2024, so you can expect the latest updates.

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