Grab and MOVE IT Lay Out Initiatives to Cater to Increased Demand this Holiday Season

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Grab is feeling positive about how well its rides are working as more people need them for the holidays. This confidence comes from Grab doing a bunch of things to make sure their cars are used in the best way possible.

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Normally, during holidays, more people want to use Grab’s services. In December 2023, they expect at least 20% more people to use GrabCars, with a big jump of up to 45% in the second and third weeks. Handling this many requests can be tricky, but Grab has a plan to make sure they have enough cars for everyone.

“The experience of our passengers, consumers, and partners on Grab is our utmost priority. Every Filipino should be able to partake in the long-lasting holiday festivities with the help and support of Grab’s mobility services.”

– Ronald Roda, Chief Operating Officer of Grab Philippines

Grab leverages its data, platform, and technology to understand and foresee the challenges faced by stakeholders. This allows the company to take proactive steps in developing solutions that directly address these concerns. As a dependable partner to every Filipino, Grab is determined to ensure a worry-free holiday season for all.

Grab: Making Cars Work Better

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To make sure their cars are used well, Grab has introduced some new ideas. One of them is called GrabShare, which helps people going in the same direction share a ride. If no match is found, passengers get a discounted GrabCar instead. This service is available in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu.

For those coming from the airport, especially Overseas Filipino Workers, Grab has a special feature called GrabAirport. It’s an on-demand service for rides to and from the airport, making it safer and more transparent.

To help people who need a car quickly, Grab is starting Multi-Taxi Type (MTT) booking. This means the platform can look for a car from different options, like GrabCar Four-Seater, GrabCar Six-Seater, and GrabTaxi. This can reduce waiting time by 20 to 30%, making it easier for people in a hurry to get a ride.

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Working with the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), Grab is also adding more drivers to its team. This year, they increased the number of drivers by 40%. They continue to bring in more drivers to make sure there are enough for everyone during the busy Christmas season.

Another Option for Getting Around Local

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Motorcycle ride-hailing company MOVE IT, partnered with Grab, is also ready to help people who need rides during the holidays. As the third player in the motorcycle taxi pilot study, MOVE IT is focused on safety and fairness, especially during busy times like the holidays.

MOVE IT promises safe rides with well-trained riders, boasting a 99.999% road safety record. Their app has features like Share Your Ride, 24/7 Help Centre, Emergency Response, and Voice Over IP (VOIP) calling, offering more safety than other services.

“This holiday season, our commuters can rely on Tropang MOVE IT for safe, convenient, and cost-effective rides. As a strategic partner of Grab, also deep-seated in our DNA is customer-centricity, pushing us to always deliver on our promise of honest and dependable transportation for every passenger.”

– MOVE IT General Manager Wayne Jacinto

To make sure their riders stay busy, MOVE IT has a Back-to-Back Booking feature. This means riders can accept a new booking while they’re on another ride, making the most of their time on the road.

To keep up with the demand, MOVE IT is growing its fleet in Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, and Cagayan de Oro. They’re also working with their riders to make sure they know how to keep things safe and handle passengers well, offering webinars and lessons through the MOVE IT Academy.

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