New AI Tools Unveiled at SAP TechEd 2023: Making Life Easier for Developers


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At the SAP TechEd event in 2023, SAP SE shared some cool updates. They introduced a bunch of new AI features to help developers, no matter their skill level, boost their businesses in the age of AI.

“Today’s dynamic technology and business landscape means every developer needs to be an AI developer. The innovations we’re launching at SAP TechEd, from AI-infused pro-code tools to a one-stop shop to create generative AI extensions and applications on SAP Business Technology Platform, supporting the developers at the heart of the AI revolution and providing them with resources they need to transform the way businesses run.”

– Juergen Mueller, Chief Technology Officer and member of the Executive Board of SAP SE

For AI to be useful, both professional and casual developers need to work together. SAP is rolling out SAP Build Code solutions to make it easier for developers to team up with business experts. These solutions, designed just for SAP applications, offer AI-powered tools for developers, especially those using Java and JavaScript.

SAP Build Code also uses SAP’s new AI helper, Joule. It’s like a smart assistant for developers, helping them write code for things like data models and application logic. Think of it as a really smart helper that makes developers’ lives easier.

Good data is crucial for good AI, and SAP HANA Cloud is doing some cool things to make data better. They’re adding new features to their data system, making it handle different kinds of data, like text, images, or audio. This makes it easier for AI to find similar things quickly. For example, you could search for suppliers based on the language in their contracts and check their payment history. These new features help AI work better with a company’s important data and make sure the information is accurate.

The AI Foundation is like a toolbox for developers working with AI on SAP BTP. It has everything they need to start making AI tools for businesses, from ready-to-use AI services to tools for managing how AI works.

SAP: Helping People Learn About Technology

SAP is also doing more to help people learn about technology. They want to train two million professionals by 2025. As part of this, they’re offering new certifications and free learning resources for developers using the ABAP Cloud development model. These resources, available on the SAP Learning site, focus on helping developers build things for the cloud that work well with SAP’s main system.

Lastly, SAP is teaming up with Stanford to explore the intersection of AI and business. Researchers and engineers from SAP will work with Stanford’s academic community to learn more about how AI and business can work together. It’s all about sharing ideas and making things better for everyone.

For details on all the announcements made at SAP TechEd in 2023, click here.

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