OPPO and Hasselblad to Co-Develop Next generation HyperTone Camera Systems

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OPPO and Hasselblad are teaming up to make a new kind of camera called HyperTone Camera Systems, set to come out in 2024. These will first show up in the future Find series phones, delivering a next-level mobile photo experience for users.

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OPPO’s Imaging Director, Oliver Zhang, is happy about how much people liked the Find X6 Series, all thanks to the cool HyperTone Camera System. He says their teamwork with Hasselblad is entering a new phase.

“Thanks to the HyperTone Camera System which follows aesthetics, the Find X6 Series is positively received by both the public and professionals. With Find N3 Series, we also brought flagship-level imaging experience for foldables for the first time. I am delighted that our collaboration with Hasselblad has now entered a new phase. By combining classic imaging aesthetics with mobile technology, OPPO and Hasselblad have developed an aesthetic system that is tailored for mobile imaging. In 2024, the two companies will launch the next generation HyperTone Camera Systems and Hasselblad camera experience that promise to continue to set new industry standards.” 

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Hasselblad’s Global Marketing Manager, Bronius Rudnickas, shares his excitement about the collaboration.

“We are very pleased to see OPPO’s latest advancements in mobile imaging, which allow people to use their smartphone to bring their creativity to life through photography. Our continued collaboration to build the next-generation HyperTone Camera Systems is a huge project, that is not just a simple inheritance of style. Instead, it is a more organic and in-depth integration of the aesthetics and technology between both brands that will provide photography enthusiasts with enhanced image quality and stylized experiences, beyond what’s achievable on typical mobile phones. I am looking forward to sharing the results of our collaboration with all the creators next year.” 

OPPO is Leading a Revolution in Mobile Imaging

OPPO’s game-changing strategy revolves around the Photography Aesthetics Feature Quantification Lab. Imagine it like a diverse team – 10% are tech experts, 50% are experienced photographers, and 40% are color specialists. Together, they form the heart of OPPO’s cool advancements in photography.

By carefully breaking down features, planning smart solutions, and fine-tuning details, OPPO has built a whole new system for developing photography tech. This isn’t just about sticking to the usual ways; it’s about creating something fresh and exciting in mobile photography.

The blend of tech skills and artistic flair sets OPPO apart. It’s not just about the technical side; it’s about making technology work with what people love to see. OPPO isn’t just a phone maker; think of it as a conductor leading a visually stunning show in the world of mobile photography.

HyperTone Camera System

OPPO has developed a camera system called HyperTone. It’s made up of the HyperTone All Main Camera System, HyperTone Image Engine, and HyperTone ProXDR Display.

HyperTone Camera System has the first All Main Camera System in the industry, allowing for great pictures at any distance, whether it’s daytime or nighttime. OPPO fitted the Find N3 with its stack pixel technology sensor, allowing for performance similar to a one-inch sensor that can be fitted into a foldable.

The HyperTone Image Engine solves problems in how phones usually take pictures. It uses smart Extra HD Algorithm that makes photos clearer by 30% and reduces annoying fuzziness by 60%. It needs a lot more computing power, but the result is way better details in your pictures.

The HyperTone Camera System comes with the HyperTone ProXDR Display. This display records brightness of 12 million pixels, allowing for up to eight times more dynamic range on the screen, for photos that look more realistic. OPPO is also working to make ProXDR compatible with the Ultra HDR standard.

Hasselblad Portrait Mode

The Hasselblad Portrait Mode pushes the boundaries of what we can do with computational photography.

What sets it apart? Well, it’s all about making your portraits look amazing while keeping things natural. The HyperTone Engine does the heavy lifting, adjusting tones to create a lifelike, three-dimensional effect without overly brightening your face or smoothing out the natural play of light and shadow. The result? A portrait that looks real, capturing the essence of the moment.

Hasselblad Portrait Mode also goes the extra mile by fine-tuning skin tones. Imagine 45 times more color options to get your skin tone just right. That means more accuracy and truer-to-life colors in your photos. And if you’re into that cinematic, blurry background effect (aka bokeh), Bokeh Flare Portrait adds pro-level touch, giving your photos that cool, out-of-focus background seen in movies.

Work shot using OPPO phones at Paris Photo

In 2023, OPPO launched the imagine IF Project to improve mobile imaging worldwide. The OPPO imagine IF Photography Awards 2023 received over 700,000 submissions from 51 countries.

Paris recently hosted its 26th Photo event last November 9-14, 2023. As the only smartphone brand which participated, OPPO showcased exceptional images at Paris Photo, including works from top photographers and OPPO imagine IF Photography Awards 2023 winners.

Photographers like Tina Signesdottir Hult, Wang Jianjun, Yin Chao, and Ahei Huan, winners of the OPPO imagine IF Photography Awards 2023, presented their OPPO phone-captured works at Paris Photo.

Enjoy the Present with OPPO Philippines

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