Apple’s New Patents Aim to Make Your Screen Content Private

Apple Secures Patents for Improved Privacy

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Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your social media feed when you suddenly notice someone trying to peek at your screen from the corner of your eye? It’s a common situation, and one that Apple is taking seriously.

Apple’s Commitment to Enhanced Privacy

Apple is committed to enhancing privacy for its Mac and iPhone users and has recently secured two patents that address this concern. The first patent focuses on restricting viewing angles so that only the device’s owner can clearly see the screen content.

This patent proposes the use of a privacy film, either integrated into the device or as a removable attachment, to reduce the screen’s viewing angle. The film could incorporate a light-blocking layer with opaque sections designed to allow light from the display to reach only the intended user.

The second patent delves into “Displays with Adjustable Angles of View.” This innovative concept involves utilizing an angle-of-view layer composed of adjustable light-blocking structures crafted from an electrochromic material, sandwiched between the display’s first and second layers.

By applying an electrical current, the electrochromic material can transition to an opaque state, effectively shielding the screen content from nearby onlookers. Conversely, the current can be adjusted to make the layer more transparent, enhancing viewing angles.

While these patents represent promising advancements in privacy protection, it remains uncertain whether they will translate into actual features in future Apple devices. Nevertheless, Apple’s dedication to safeguarding user privacy is evident, and these patents serve as a testament to their ongoing efforts in this area.


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