HATASU Showcases its ebike Lineup in PH, New Model to Launch in November

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In the local market, there’s a growing brand called HATASU ebike. They aim to offer safe, cost-effective, and eco-friendly products for daily commuting needs in the Philippines. They have a lineup of two-wheel and three-wheel ebikes and want to lead the way toward a more eco-friendly future.

HATASU Philippines (130)

Recently, they held their first-ever HATASU event in Manila on October 12, 2023. They let the media try out their current ebikes and hinted at a new model coming in November. They also talked about entering the eMotorcycle market next year.

HATASU in the Philippines

In just under a year, HATASU ebike has expanded all over the country. They’ve partnered with big car and tech dealerships and now have their ebikes in over 500 authorized stores. They’re also working with financial companies to help customers buy their ebikes, and they’ve set up repair centers for after-sales support. Over 10,000 people in the Philippines are already using HATASU ebikes.

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HATASU ebike is all about progress and being eco-friendly. They customize their ebikes for local conditions and make them in the Philippines. They started with one warehouse and now have two more in Cebu and Davao City. They’re also planning to expand to other countries like China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

HATASU’s Current Lineup

There s a HATASU ebike for all your needs

HATASU offers five different ebike models, and there’s another one coming in November. These ebikes are eco-friendly because you just need to charge them, and it only costs around P20 for a full charge that lasts up to eight hours.

They have ebikes for students, young professionals, and office workers (KUMI and NERO), for families (MAKO and MAKO 2), and for delivery and small businesses. They also have a new model called HARU for people who don’t know how to ride a bike.

HATASU Models and Specs

HATASU is releasing a new three-wheel model in time for its anniversary in November. And although they haven’t shared many details, what’s known is that it will provide a multi-ride, easy go experience.

HATASU ebike is working with dealers, influencers, and organizations to spread news about their ebikes across the Philippines. Here are some events that you can look forward to.

HATASU Upcoming Events


  • Nero – Starts at PHP 28,990
  • Mako 2 – Starts at PHP 60,990
  • Haru – Starts at PHP 36,990
  • Kumi – Starts at PHP 19,990

Check out HATASU ebikes via authorized dealer stores nationwide or visit the HATASU LazMall Store.

For more information on the brand and other update, follow HATASU Philippines on Facebook and TikTok.

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