14th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processors Unveiled

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Intel has officially launched the 14th generation of the Intel Core desktop processors, currently comprised of the Intel Core i9-14900K/KF, Core i7 14700K/KF, and Core i5-14600K/KF.

14th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processors

The 14th-generation desktop processors from Intel can be considered overclocked variants of their predecessors with the same core layout except for the i7 14700K. The i7 147000K now comes with 12 efficiency cores from the 8 of the 13700K in addition to the 8 performance cores.

Meanwhile, the i9 14900K and 14900KF offer faster clock speeds that top up at 6.0GHz than the predecessors like the i9 13900K. The i5 14600K/KF also offers a small increase in clock speed.

The models with an integrated GPU also come with the same UHD Graphics 770 as their predecessors.

14th gen Intel Core launch 1

The latest desktop processors have an AI Assist feature on the Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) to deliver one-click AI-guided overclocked to select processors.

Moreover, the 14th-generation processors introduce Intel Application Optimization designed to improve application threading and thread scheduling on the operating system. This is said to offer 16% improvement on select titles.

They also integrated support for Wi-Fi 6/6E and Bluetooth 5.3 and discrete support for Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5.4. The chips also support Thunderbolt 5 which is said to offer 40Gbps bandwidth.

These processors have the LGA 1700 socket meaning you can use it with any motherboard that supports Intel 12th gen and 13th gen Intel Core processors.

Here’s a rundown of the new processors compared to their predecessors from GSMArena:

14th gen Intel Core launch specs

PH Pricing and Availability

14th gen Intel Core launch PH price

The 14th Gen Intel Core desktop processors are listed on the PCHub website and available for pre-order. These are priced at:

  • i9 14900KF – PHP 35,625
  • i9 14900K – PHP 37,525
  • i7 14700KF – PHP 25,180
  • i7 14700K – PHP 26,895
  • i5 14600KF – PHP 18,725
  • i5 14600K – PHP 20,425

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