vivo V29 5G Review: Buy, Skip, or Wait for Sale?

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vivo v29 5G Review

Officially launched last September 22, the vivo V29 is Vivo’s latest midrange entry in its product slate this year. Packed with eye-catching design and flagship feature sported from the X series, the new phone is expected to draw more consumers to the brand. It is an amazing phone, but to answer if it’s worth every penny is what we are going to talk about in this full review.

vivo v29 5g review

vivo V29 5G Specifications

Display6.78-inch 1.5K curved AMOLED
120Hz refresh rate
ProcessorSnapdragon 778G
Rear Camera50MP main (OIS)
8MP ultrawide
2MP macro
Front Camera50MP
80W FlashCharge
OSFuntouch OS 13.1 (Android 13)
ColorsStarry Purple
Magic Maroon (Fluorite AG Glass)

Design and Display

One of the standout features of the vivo V29 is its captivating design, especially in the Starry Purple variant. The phone’s design is inspired by the Milky Way, and it does an excellent job of embodying the celestial theme. The interplay of two celestial rivers and clusters of stars on the back panel is nothing short of mesmerizing. The color choice of purple aligns perfectly with current fashion trends, making it a fashionable accessory. It also gives an impression of a “shattered” glass panel as quipped by my colleague, Ram Ronqullo when he first saw the phone.

vivo v29 5g review
vivo v29 review philippines 19

It boasts a lightweight and streamlined body with a 3D curved screen that seamlessly transitions into the frame. With a thickness of only 7.46 mm and a weight of 186g, it not only looks good but feels great in hand. The one-piece clear camera module adds a touch of elegance, and the metal border adds to the overall premium feel. It’s an interesting design, but I still cannot help but detach its overall look from the previous generation.

In the Magic Maroon variant, the V29 takes a dynamic approach with a color-changing feature when exposed to UV light, a feature that in previous iterations. This innovative use of Fluorite AG Glass results in a phone that can subtly shift from maroon to burgundy. The 14 layers of nano-grade coating enhance both the look and feel of the device. This variant is fit for those who are not keen in slapping a case on their devices. It would not make sense getting a phone with Fluorite AG that changes color if you will just cover it up.

Camera Performance

vivo v29 5g review
vivo v29 review philippines 13

The vivo V29 is a smartphone that doesn’t compromise when it comes to photography. With its advanced 50 MP HD Camera, you can capture stunning, high-resolution images with impressive clarity and detail. Whether you’re taking pictures of breathtaking landscapes, close-up shots of intricate details, or portraits that highlight the beauty of your subjects, the V29 delivers exceptional results.

The Auto Focus feature ensures that your images are sharp and in focus, while the EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) technology eliminates unwanted blurring and shakes. This means you can capture every moment with confidence, even if you’re in a hurry or faced with a shaky hand. When it comes to low-light photography, the V29 truly shines. Equipped with an OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) Ultra-Sensing Camera and a large sensor size, it excels in capturing good images even in challenging lighting conditions. The combination of OIS and EIS Hybrid Image Stabilization ensures that your photos and videos remain steady and blur-free, even when you’re faced with dimly lit environments or capturing fast-moving subjects.

The vivo V29 understands the importance of group photos and self-expression. With its 92° wide-angle front camera, you can say goodbye to crowded selfie attempts or resorting to selfie sticks. The wide-angle lens captures more people or background, resulting in perfectly framed group photos without anyone getting cut out of the frame. And for solo shots, the wide-angle lens gives you an opportunity to showcase your personality and style, capturing more of your surroundings.

When the sun sets, don’t miss out on capturing incredible memories. The V29’s Super Night Video mode empowers you to explore the world of night photography and videography like never before. You can record clear, detailed, and vivid videos of nighttime scenes with impressive dynamic range, ensuring that every moment is preserved beautifully. Here are some sample photos that I took using Night Mode when I recently visited Davao City.

It is interesting how vivo managed to bring the favored features of vivo X80 to the new vivo V29. If you missed getting the vivo X80 before, this will cut out as a good alternative albeit with lower performance specs.

Performance: Power and Display

vivo v29 5g review
vivo v29 review philippines 17

Under the hood, the vivo V29 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G Mobile Platform. Its octa-core design delivers both computational power and power efficiency, ensuring smooth gameplay and overall system performance.

The 120 Hz 1.5K AMOLED Display is a visual delight. With a large 6.78″ screen, narrow bezels, and support for 1.07 billion colors, it provides a cinematic viewing experience. The high pixel density of 452 PPI ensures sharp details, and HDR10+ certification means you can expect impressive dynamic range in videos.

The 120 Hz screen refresh rate and 1000 Hz instant touch sampling rate enhance the gaming experience. Gamers will appreciate the quicker response times and smoother visuals, making this phone a solid choice for mobile gaming.

Now, in case you’re particular to its performance, here’s how the Snapdragon 778G stacks compared to the MediaTek Dimensity 7050 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 using artificial benchmark:

  • Antutu Benchmark is a widely used and popular benchmarking tool for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. It evaluates the performance of a device by measuring its CPU, GPU, RAM, and storage capabilities, as well as testing its UX (user experience) and overall performance. The benchmark provides a comprehensive score that helps users compare the performance of different devices and make informed decisions based on their specific needs and preferences.
  • Geekbench 6 serves as an indispensable tool for individuals who seek reliable and comprehensive information about the performance capabilities of their devices. By providing accurate and standardized benchmarks, Geekbench 6 enables users to choose devices that cater to their specific requirements, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.
  • 3D Mark Wild Life Extreme is a benchmarking test that measures the performance of graphics cards in mobile devices. It is designed to push graphics cards to their limits, simulating demanding gaming scenarios and providing an accurate assessment of their capabilities. With Wild Life Extreme, users can evaluate the graphical performance of their devices and compare them to other devices on the market. It is a reliable and comprehensive tool for assessing the gaming potential of a mobile device and making informed decisions about their hardware choices.
  • PCMark Work 3.0 is a benchmarking tool specifically designed for smartphones. It assesses the performance of various aspects of a smartphone’s functionality, focusing on work-related tasks. This benchmark evaluates the device’s ability to handle daily productivity tasks such as document editing, web browsing, video conferencing, and data manipulation. By running PCMark Work 3.0, users can accurately gauge their smartphone’s efficiency and compare it to other devices on the market. This information enables users to make informed decisions regarding their smartphone choices, ensuring optimal productivity and performance in their daily work routines.
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vivo v29 5g review
Geekbench SC
Geekbench SC
Geekbench SC 2
Geekbench SC 2
PC Mark
PC Mark

Battery and Charging

The vivo V29 features an 80W FlashCharge solution, which is a game-changer for slim devices. This technology not only reduces heat generation but also allows for a 50% charge in just 18 minutes. The 4600mAh battery, coupled with smart charging algorithms, ensures long-term battery health. In my experience, my expectation on the charging speed was met but I was a little disappointed with its battery performance. A single charge lasted about 13 hours and 27 minutes from a single charge with 20% remaining. I expected more, but then this experience did not yet account battery optimization based on usage of more than 2 weeks.

vivo v29 5g review
vivo v29 review philippines 28


The vivo V29 5G is a smartphone that offers a blend of style and substance. Its celestial-inspired design, innovative camera capabilities, impressive display, and fast charging make it a compelling choice for tech-savvy consumers. While it may not be the most affordable option on the market, its features and performance justify the price tag. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, a mobile gamer, or simply someone who values a stylish and capable smartphone, the vivo V29 is worth considering.

  • Should you buy the vivo V29 5G if I have the vivo V27? We suggest that you skip the vivo V29 5G as it does not give significant upgrade from its predecessor.
  • What should you pick among the vivo v29 5G, realme 11 Pro+, or the Honor 90? Pick the realme vivo V29 5G if you’re into portrait photography. realme 11 pro+ and Honor 90 are perfect for mobile gamers.
  • How much is the vivo v29 5G? The vivo V29 5G costs PhP24,999 for 12GB+256GB, and PhP26,999 for 12GB+512GB.
7.2Expert Score
vivo v29 5G: Its good but it’s late in the game

Camera (Stills)
Camera (Video)
Audio Performance
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