ROG Ally Users Report microSD Card Issues in Turbo Mode

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The ASUS ROG Ally has brought with it hype since its teaser on April Fools’ Day and up until its launch in mid-May. However, it looks like it is already facing issues with microSD cards, especially in Turbo Mode. This is on top of the other issues with microSD cards like them being in read-only mode.

This has gone to a point where a user of the r/ROGAlly subreddit has put up an entirely separate report thread on microSD card failure just to try and understand the issue.

ROG Ally ‘Heating-related’ microSD Card Issues…?

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Based on our research, the reports around three days ago when users complained of dead microSD cards after playing with the ROG Ally in Turbo Mode. There are theories going around trying to explain the issues including taking into consideration the brand of the card and its capacity.

That said though, a Facebook user that goes by Rodriguez Pedro shared his own ideas as to why it happens. He explains that the problem lies in the position of the microSD card slot which is near the exhaust.

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This explanation definitely makes sense since Turbo Mode will generate more heat and with hot air coming out of the exhaust, this would add to the temperature-cause strain of the microSD card.

If you’re interested to read the thread, click here. If you want to check out our first impressions of the ROG Ally, click here.

Update (June 27, 2023): Whitson Gordon, ASUS ROG Senior Manager of Content Marketing mentioned on Discord that the team is aware of the reports regarding the SD card reader and that they’re investigating the issue. He clarified that in addition to the SD card reader, the team is also investigating previous reports like dead zones and audio crackling.

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