ZTE Reaffirms Commitment to Sustainability, Set on Building Sustainable Green FTTH Networks

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During the annual FTTH Conference in Madrid, Spain, ZTE Corporation reaffirmed its ESG commitment. The Senior Director of the ZTE CTO Group, Hans Neff, presented a speech with the theme “Building Green FTTH Networks for Sustainable Development,” which highlights the company’s newest technologies, perspectives, and experiences with eco-friendly FTTH networks.

ZTE committed to building sustainable green FTTH networks

Neff emphasized the importance of integrating “green” requirements into the complete life-cycle of FTTH networks and pushed the concept of green development which include environmental protection measures in diverse fields such as product architecture, device packaging materials, key components, and O&M, to promote sustainable industry growth. Neff stated that constructing sustainable green FTTH networks is a critical direction for network development that benefits the entire society.

ZTE’s products align with the green design principle of smooth evolution, high integration, miniaturization, and easy deployment in product architecture. For instance, ZTE’s Any-PON multi-mode solution, the first of its kind in the industry, can satisfy diverse scenarios through flexible configuration, effectively reducing the number and types of cards. ZTE’s compact OLTs also help save space and energy in equipment rooms.

ZTE’s fixed network CPEs utilize 100% recyclable plastic enclosures, while packaging boxes use 100% green plant-based ink that is non-toxic and harmless to device packaging materials. ZTE enhances the functions and lowers the power consumption of its key components. ZTE adopts intelligent management methods for O&M. For example, smart fiber detection provides visualization and manageability, preventive maintenance, and accurate fault location functions, which help reduce the consumption of O&M resources.

ZTE’s Commitment to Sustainability

According to ZTE, “energy consumption is a significant part of the operating costs for network operators. To achieve sustainable development and enhance their competitiveness, operators need to construct energy-efficient networks.” ZTE is committed to green development and will continue to collaborate with industry partners to create eco-friendly solutions for enterprise operation, supply chain, digital infrastructure, and industry empowerment. ZTE will persist in building sustainable green FTTH networks and help industries adopt the green development path rapidly.

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