OpenAI’s ChatGPT Surpassed 500k Downloads in 6 Days

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OpenAI’s ChatGPT has surpassed half a million downloads in just 6 days. The high demand for AI tools has been steadily increasing and this is one of the most notable development.

Open AI’s ChatGPT Success

OpenAI ChatGPT

The generative AI program by OpenAI has been challenged repeatedly in the tough AI market we are in now. However, after launching the official app it outperformed every competitor in the said market.

OpenAI ChatGPT vs Bing and Microsoft Edge’s chart

For example, Bing and Microsoft Edge integrated with ChatGPt have been downloaded 340,000 and 335,000 times when it was revealed but compared to OpenAI’s tool, it was downloaded 480,000 in just five days in the US (iOS only).

Additionally, the app beat other top AI chatbot applications in the US, according to’s data. Many of these apps were given generic names to help users search them faster. 

OpenAI ChatGPT on Google Play Store

When compared to other applications’ greatest five-day periods in 2023 across the App Store and Google Play, OpenAI’s generative AI tool was placed in the top five by downloads.

These analyses are only based on installs which is not a very reliable way of measuring user demand. But these results definitely show that ChatGPT will only gain more traction as time passes.


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