TEAMGROUP Launches T-FORCE SO-DIMM DDR5 Memory for Laptops

TForce SO-DIMM DDR5 Memory

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T-FORCE, the gaming-focused sub-brand of TEAMGROUP, has unleashed its latest product, set to elevate laptop users’ gaming experience. The newly launched VULCAN SO-DIMM DDR5 Memory, designed for those looking to upgrade their laptops to the next-generation DDR5 memory, promises to deliver a significant boost in performance, simple installation, and large capacities that cater to users’ different needs. With a max clock rate of 5,200MHz and an ultra-thin graphene heat spreader, VULCAN Memory ensures that gamers experience faster load times and boot-up speeds, while keeping their laptops cool and stable during intensive gaming sessions, allowing them to achieve victory at critical moments.

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T-FORCE has dominated the PC hardware world with its release of DDR5 desktop memory. Now, the brand aims to cater to the gaming laptop market by launching its first VULCAN SO-DIMM DDR5 Memory. The newest addition to the VULCAN line offers up to 64GB of capacity, which provides unimpeded gaming and multitasking experience for users. The VULCAN SO-DIMM DDR5 Memory also supports on-die ECC that detects and corrects bit errors, ensuring stability and compatibility while requiring significantly lower power consumption at 1.1V, compared to DDR4 memory’s 1.2V, leading to better gaming performance and longer battery life.

T-FORCE VULCAN SO-DIMM DDR5 Memory Availability

The T-FORCE VULCAN SO-DIMM DDR5 Memory is set to hit the global market by the end of April. With its exceptional performance, large capacity, and innovative graphene heat spreader, this memory module is the perfect choice for those looking to upgrade their gaming laptops.

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