AYA NEO 2S and Geek 1S Coming Soon with Ryzen 7000 Series Chips

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AYA NEO has just revealed its two latest gaming handheld devices – the AYA NEO 2S and Geek 1S. The two are refreshed variants of the AYA NEO 2 and AYA NEO Geek launched in November with updated chips.

AYA NEO 2S and Geek 1S

The two new refreshed gaming handhelds are equipped with AMD Ryzen 7000 series chips and integrated graphics based on the RDNA 3 architecture. Which exact chips though, the company has yet to reveal, but their predecessors were powered by the AMD Ryzen 6800U processor.

The AYA NEO 2S is confirmed to have a 7-inch panel with a 1920x1200p resolution, a 50.25Wh battery, and an improved cooling system.

AYA NEO 2S and Geek 1S - AYA NEO Geek 1S

Meanwhile, the AYA NEO Geek 1S will come with the same 800p as its predecessor.

The two handhelds will be financed via Indiegogo and it is said to begin as early as mid-May and be delivered by the end of June. The pricing for both handhelds is yet to be announced though.

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