Qualcomm and Prophesee Plans to Manufacture Smartphone Cameras


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A multi-year agreement with Qualcomm has been announced by camera chip firm Prophesee. Using Prophesee’s camera chips, the businesses will collaboratively develop smartphone technology. 

Qualcomm and Prophesee Partnership

The cutting-edge chips, which get their inspiration from how the human eye functions, only analyze changes in the scene, like movement or light, instead of the complete image frame. Prophesee’s camera chips can be faster and consume less computational power because of this special functionality, making them perfect for smartphone usage.

Co-founder and CEO of Prophesee, Luca Verre, described how the company’s camera chips use pixels that only transfer information to the processor when something changes. Pixels that detect no change continue to be muted. 

The newest chips from Prophesee have one million pixels. The additional Prophesee chip will be used by Qualcomm in a smartphone design that will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, along with traditional camera chips.


The production of the Prophesee chip will be contracted out to Sony Group Corp. Without discussing the deal’s financial details, Verre added, “We are actually combining both significant competitors in the market,” referring to Qualcomm and Sony. The chips will be put into mass manufacturing the next year and then integrated into phones.

The release claims that the additional Prophesee chip will aid in the correction of some of the fuzzy images produced by current smartphone camera systems. 

It is anticipated that the chips would improve user experiences and aid in the creation of cutting-edge smartphone technology by raising the quality of photos. We will, however, have to wait and see what effects this alliance has.


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