Meta Continues to Push Age-Appropriate Ad Experiences Aimed at Teenagers


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As part of Meta’s continued work to keep their apps age-appropriate for teens, they’re making further changes to their ad experiences. 

The company recognizes that teens aren’t as equipped as adults to make decisions about how their online data is used for advertising, particularly when it comes to showing them products available to purchase.

Meta Ad Changes

Meta Ad Changes

The social media giant included removing the ability for advertisers to target teens based on their interests and activities. 

Meta will be announcing further updates to its ad system beginning in February, including removing gender as an option for advertisers to reach teens. Additionally, their engagement on our apps — like following certain Instagram posts or Facebook pages


Meta is Giving Teens More Control and is Helping Them Understand Privacy Options

The company’s Advertising Standards already prohibit ads about restricted topics — like alcohol, financial products, and weight loss products and services — to be shown to people under 18 (and older in certain countries).

Meanwhile, they also added a new privacy page with more information for teens about the tools and privacy settings they can use across our technologies, and our teen privacy center has additional resources to help teens understand and manage their privacy across our apps.

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