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An almost 4-year-old chip in a 2022 phone?

  • Premium look (at least on the rear panel)
  • Decent optics
  • Good battery life
  • Runs on an almost 4-year-old chip

Design and Build Quality

In some ways, the design of the rear panel on the vivo Y16 is a breath of fresh air, thanks to its cameras that are almost flush with the surface, with an island that’s in a different texture. The brushed metallic finish also adds to the premium look and feel.

Unfortunately, the front is the same typical story – a notch with thick bezels, something that’s getting really old now. At least, you do get a headphone jack and a USB-C port.

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The display isn’t anything special as well. You get a 6.51-inch HD+ screen with a standard 60Hz refresh rate, which doesn’t really sit well when compared to the recently launched devices such as the Infinix HOT 20S or even the Infinix HOT 20. It’s still okay for media consumption, but you’re not getting the best value for the price.


This is where things get really rough for this phone. It’s 2022, and the vivo Y16 packs a Helio P35, a chip that announced back in 2018. Well, it would be okay if that was the only issue.

While the device is okay for tasks like watching videos on YouTube, social media, listening to Spotify, or email, you can look at devices like the narzo 50, and you’ll realize the difference in the value it offers. It costs just a little bit more but still has a more robust processing package, which is important if you’re the type who only buys a phone once in a while.

If we are to talk about gaming, sure. You can play light games on this phone, probably even a bit of Mobile Legends, but don’t expect anything stellar.


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If there was one area where this phone can get a point, it’s the optics. The sample shots we took came out with quality that should be enough for social media posts thanks to decent levels of detail and sharpness. Of course, this is when there’s enough lighting.


At least, the vivo Y16 runs on Funtouch OS 12 on top of Android 12, and at the time of writing, has already received the November 1 security update. It also doesn’t come with a ton of bloatware, which is great, you don’t need any more apps that would slow it down any further.

You do get the usual goodies like RAM Expansion for more room for multi-tasking and Ultra Game Mode which involves several other features designed to improve the gaming experience.


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Playing a YouTube video on loop at around 50% brightness, the vivo Y16 managed to run continuously for around 14 hours before shutting itself down. It’s a decent result, but not the best we’ve seen.


The vivo Y16 is certainly a device that had potential – it’s got good battery life, decent optics, and premium looks. Unfortunately, a huge part of the experience is how the device performs in day-to-day use, and with a slow 3-year-old chip inside, it just doesn’t deliver that value for its price (PHP 8,999 for the 128GB variant) in 2022, especially when you look at the competition.

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