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A lot of budget headphones have been circling the market, especially here in the Philippines. Soundpeats is one of the brands that are offering budget headphones that aim to deliver great performance in terms of gaming and music consumption.


So, hopefully, this review helps you decide if the Soundpeats G1 headphones are what you are looking for.

Soundpeats G1 Unboxing and Packaging

Soundpeats G1 Review 9

Starting with the packaging, it comes with a fairly sturdy box and some plastic wrappings that can provide little protection. It would have been better if it was bubble wrapped though.

Soundpeats G1 Review 8

The headphones come with an adaptor that separates the mic output and the audio input to add flexibility/ compatibility so you can use it on PC and consoles with no problem. It also comes with an instruction manual.

Design and Build Quality

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Design-wise the G1 has a robust-looking body and the black colorway really compliments it making it look really durable. The Soundpeats gaming logo also adds a bit of flare to the unit alongside its simple RGB lighting.

Soundpeats G1 Review 3
With RGB lighting on

Surprisingly though, for its price point that is just above the 1k PHP line, the build quality feels premium. The headphones do not easily bend unless you apply a huge amount of pressure even if it is only made out of durable plastic. 

Soundpeats G1 Review 22

The volume controls are also located on a durable plastic module that also houses the on/off button for the mic.

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The cushioning on the cups does not irritate the ear even when wearing them for a long time. As for the wires, it is fairly durable and does not easily get tangled thanks to the outer nylon material.

Audio Quality

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Gaming – The G1’s flat sound complements its “3D” sound focus. Making it easier for you to hear footsteps or know where your enemies are in shooters like SCUM and Valorant. The headphones also provide good immersion that is perfect for playing games with a heavy focus on the atmosphere.

Music – These headphones aren’t the best choice if you are planning to use them for music consumption. Aside from the flatness, which some actually prefer, some frequencies are muffled like the high on some genres (we’ll get back to this later), and sometimes the sound stage feels really crowded which can somewhat compress the sound.

The low end on these is quite good. The low frequencies are delivered well and no bleeding can be noticed when listening to the low-mid frequencies.

Soundpeats G1 Review 21

Heading to the mid frequencies, depending on what type of music you are listening to it can sound a little muddy. When listening to heavy rock music, the guitars do not sound quite right and heavy EQ adjustments must be done to at least get a decent sound out of it. For softer genres, it is fairly decent.

For highs and treble, this is where the headphones seem to have a hard time delivering. The highs really sound muffled and coupled with a small sound stage can really be bothersome.

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Microphone – The microphone sounds good and has enough clarity to be used in important meetings. However, it is not recommended to be used outdoors as it does not offer enough vocal isolation to keep your voice clear enough.

The Soundpeats G1 Gaming Headphones can be purchased here for PHP 1,020 (from PHP 1,490).

Photos courtesy of Rianne Ronquillo.

7.5Expert Score
Surely there are better options out there for the same price.

Just a quick reminder though, while reviewing this product we have to keep in mind the PHP 1,490 (PHP 1,020 on Digital Walker) price point.

Another thing that, at least for me, would be a good thing to add is its own software or at least something like its own EQ program that can help the user adjust the frequencies to their liking.

The RGB lighting would also be better if it was adjustable or customizable in terms of colors and illumination patterns.

So to end this article, if you are looking for a gaming-focused budget headphone, you may opt for this one but there are definitely better options out there at the same price point.

Audio Quality
  • Good gaming immersion
  • The mic is good enough for chatting in-game<br>
  • Comfortable ear cushions
  • Durable build
  • Lack of software support
  • No extra padding to protect the item inside the packaging
  • Muffled highs and treble
  • The mic is not reliable outdoors

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