Celebrating a New Generation of Inspiring Young Go-Getters with the Samsung #TeamUnstoppable 2022 Campaign

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Samsung Electronics launched #TeamUnstoppable 2022, the second edition of its regional brand campaign. It dares Gen Zs and millennials of Southeast Asia to face challenges head-on and strive for greater heights.

Based on the theme “Together, We are Unstoppable”, it gathers a group of young changemakers who are passionate about gaming, food, sustainability, social good, education, and fashion. It calls on youth from across the region to share their own stories and galvanize others into action.

#TeamUnstoppable 2022 movement will be centered on TikTok to engage younger audiences. On the platform, a new generation of young individuals will share authentic stories in mobile-first episodic videos.

Throughout the ups and downs of the past year, it has never been clearer that Gen Zs and millennials in Southeast Asia are unafraid to defy barriers and tap on technology to do good. Through #TeamUnstoppable 2022, we hope to build upon our successful run last year to inspire even more young digital natives in the region who are unafraid, undeterred and unwavering; to push their boundaries and creatively express how they will effect positive change in their communities on TikTok.”

Roy Lan, Samsung Electronics Regional Senior Brand Marketing Manager, Southeast Asia and Oceania

#TeamUnstoppable 2022 Influencers

To kickstart this year’s campaign, the company released a regional film that spotlights #TeamUnstoppable 2022. Here’s a quick introduction to the influencers:

Karla Golosinda – The Gamer with a Cause

Samsung #TeamUnstoppable 2022 - Karla Golosinda

Filipina gaming content creator Karla Golosinda breaks the mold by using her platform to spread warmth, inspiration, and laughter to her fanbase. She harnesses gaming as a force for good, channeling funds raised via live streaming towards needy local students and those affected by natural disasters.

Karla, who goes by Queen Wrecker, also utilizes her social channels to raise awareness and garner support for issues surrounding animal conservation and female empowerment.

Chau Bui – The Unconventional Fashionista

Samsung #TeamUnstoppable 2022 - Chau Bui

One of the top fashion influencers in Vietnam, Chau Bui rises above conventional beauty standards by staying true to herself in building her unique identity, while inspiring others to do the same.

Chau Bui is also on a mission to build a more inclusive and accountable fashion industry, leveraging her social media network to promote health, wellness, and sustainability efforts while helping the less privileged.

Jason Chua – The Brash Chef with a Big Heart

Samsung #TeamUnstoppable 2022 - Jason Chua

Having to fend for himself from the age of 15, Jason Chua was determined to find success on his own terms in Singapore. At 26, he turned his passion for cooking into a career by starting his own food stall, Beng Who Cooks.

At the height of the pandemic, Jason gave out thousands of free meals to hardest-hit Singaporeans, and today continues to make a difference by imparting valuable life skills and providing employment to those in need at his now expanded F&B business.

Jerome Polin – The Champion of Fun and Accessible Education

Samsung #TeamUnstoppable 2022 - Jerome Polin

Jerome Polin from Indonesia seeks to shift mindsets in Mathematics. Through engaging videos on YouTube, he shares his love for Mathematics along with stories from his life as a student abroad and seeks to inspire other youths to reach for greater heights.

Jerome’s long-standing passion for education feeds into a higher goal – to better the education system in his home country.

Jabir Meftah – The Leader of Youth Leaders

Samsung #TeamUnstoppable 2022 - Jabir Meftah

Despite playing many different roles onscreen, Malaysian actor and model Jabir Meftah sees himself as an activist and civic leader first. His showbiz influence is key in his mission to shed light on and make a real impact on climate change and other issues surrounding inequality, and the need for future leaders.

Jabir’s non-governmental organization, YouthCare, aims to rally young people around helping others and the environment and to train youth leaders to continue building a better future.

Neng Sarun – The Champion of Mindful Pet Ownership

Samsung #TeamUnstoppable 2022 - Neng Sarun

Having spent much of his childhood in his father’s veterinary clinic, Neng Sarun’s love for animals led him to establish Thailand’s first pet wellness center, offering a novel combination of health and grooming services for better pet care.

As a vet and actor, he works tirelessly in mobilizing veterinary teams and harnessing the power of technology as well as medicine to champion mindful pet ownership across Thailand – including education to improve the quality of life for animals in rural areas.

Join the #TeamUnstoppable 2022 Movement in the Philippines

Each of these #TeamUnstoppable 2022 influencers will be featured in their own mini-series.

Samsung #TeamUnstoppable 2022 - Share Your Unstoppable Story

If you want to be a part of the #TeamUnstoppable 2022 movement, you get a chance to win a brand new Galaxy Z Fold4 (256GB), a Galaxy Z Flip4 (256GB), or a Galaxy Watch5 Pro (45mm). Here are the steps to join the movement:

  • Visit the official website here and register to be able to submit your official entry.
  • Produce and submit a video that talks about your Unstoppable Story and answer the following questions:
    • What personal barrier are you currently facing or wanting to defy?
    • What have you been doing to defy your barrier?
    • How can Samsung help you overcome this barrier
  • Caption your story using the official hashtags #Unstoppable and tag @SamsungPH.
  • Upload the video on any of your social media pages (TikTok, Facebook, and/or Instagram) and screenshot the post to upload during registration. Your social media account must be set in public for verification purposes.

The #TeamUnstoppable Promo runs until October 9, 2022. To know more, click here.

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