Samsung Reveals 1.4nm Chip Roadmap and Capacity Expansion


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The Samsung President of Foundry Business, Dr. Si-young Choi, presented the details regarding the manufacturer’s 1.4nm chip roadmap and its plan for capacity expansion.

The roadmap shows that the 2nm chips will be coming out of the fabs in 2025 while the 1.4nm chips are expected to arrive in 2027.

During the said roadmap, the company also plans on expanding its foundry capacity by 50% and it will include non-mobile chips like high-performance computing chips like the ones used in the automotive industry meaning Samsung will triple its advanced node production capabilities.

Samsung on its strategy

In able to execute this, the manufacturer will be shifting its strategy to what is called “Shell-First”. 


Additionally, this means that future fab expansions will focus on building clean rooms first. These clean rooms are the building itself where the equipment will be placed. This allows the company to be more flexible in future production and in repurposing production lines quickly when needed.

The first facility that showcased this approach is now under construction in Taylor, Texas for USD 17 Billion. 

The company also added an update regarding its X-Cube chip packaging process introduced last 2020. This allows for slimmer stacking of multiple chips.

Moreover, the first 3D packaging X-Cube hardware with micro-bump interconnection is scheduled for 2024 with a bumpless design coming in 2026 allowing more customizations in chip design for what the client needs.


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