NVIDIA GTC 2022 Kicks off on September 19 – 22

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NVIDIA is gearing up to host the NVIDIA GTC 2022 conference virtually starting September 19 to 22. This keynote will feature founder and CEO Jensen Huang alongside more than 200 sessions with global business and technology leaders.

You may register for FREE here and join the conference.


Mr. Huang’s keynote will be streamed live on September 20 at 8 AM PT (11 PM PH Time) and can be viewed without registering.

The NVIDIA GTC 2022 will talk about the key advances driving AI and the metaverse which include large language models, natural language processing, digital twins, digital biology, robotics, and climate science.

Major talks include the following:

  • BMW, ILM, Kroger, Lowe’s, Siemens, NVIDIA, and others on using digital twins for a range of applications, from manufacturing to neurosurgery to climate modeling
  • ByteDance’s deployment of large-scale GPU clusters for machine learning and deep learning
  • Medtronic’s use of AI for robotic surgery and the operating room of the future
  • Boeing’s digital transformation enables aircraft engineering and production to be more flexible and efficient
  • Deutsche Bank’s adoption of AI and cloud technologies to improve the customer experience
  • Johnson & Johnson’s use of hybrid cloud computing for healthcare, plus a session on its use of quantum computing simulation for pharmaceutical research
  • How pharmaceutical companies can use transformer AI models and digital twins to accelerate drug discovery
  • United Nations and NVIDIA scientists discussing AI for climate modeling, including disaster prediction, deforestation, and agriculture
  • Amazon Web Services, Ericsson, Verizon, and NVIDIA leaders describing augmented- and virtual-reality applications for 5G and optimizing 5G deployment with digital twins
  • Mercedes-Benz, Siemens, Magic Leap, and NVIDIA executives, joined by author Matthew Ball and journalist Dean Takahashi, discuss industrial Omniverse applications and spatial computing
  • Adobe, Pixar, and NVIDIA leaders explaining how Universal Scene Description is becoming a standard for the metaverse

NVIDIA GTC 2022 prepared a plethora of sessions that cater to many different audiences, including business executives, data scientists, enterprise IT leaders, designers, developers, researchers, and students.

NVIDIA GTC 2022 Contents

GTC Sep 2022

Content for Developers and Researchers

The NVIDIA GTC 2022 provides participants at all stages of their careers with outstanding learning-and-development opportunities with a lot of them offered for FREE. Developers, researchers, and students can sign up for 135 sessions on a broad range of topics, including:

  • 5 Paths to a Career in AI
  • Accelerating AI Workflows and Maximizing Investments in Cloud Infrastructure 
  • The AI Journey From Academics to Entrepreneurship
  • Applying Lessons From Kaggle-Winning Solutions to Real-World Problems
  • Developing HPC Applications With Standard C++, Fortran, and Python
  • Defining the Quantum-Accelerated Supercomputer
  • Insights From NVIDIA Research

Attendees who wish to strengthen their skills can sign up for hands-on, full-day technical workshops and two-hour training labs offered by the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI). 

Twenty workshops will be offered in multiple time zones and languages, and more than 25 free training labs are available in accelerated computing, computer vision, data science, conversational AI, natural language processing, and other topics.

After registering, you may attend the FREE two-hour training labs or sign up for full-day DLI workshops at a discounted rate of USD 99 through Thursday, Aug. 29, and USD 149 through GTC.

Insights for Business Leaders

This part of the NVIDIA GTC 2022 features more than 30 sessions from some of the world’s leading companies in key industry sectors, including financial services, industrial, retail, automotive, and healthcare. Speakers will share detailed insights to advance business using AI and metaverse technology, including building AI centers; the business value of digital twins; and new technologies that will define how we live, work and play.

In addition, senior executives from AT&T, BMW, Fox Sports, Lucid Motors, Medtronic, Meta, Microsoft, NIO, Pinterest, Polestar, United Airlines, and U.S. Bank are among the industry leaders scheduled to present.

Sessions for Startups

NVIDIA Inception, a global program with more than 11,000 startups, will host several sessions, including:

  • AI for VCs: Six startup leaders describe how they are driving advancements from robotics to restaurants
  • How NVIDIA Inception startups are advancing healthcare and life sciences
  • How NVIDIA technologies can help startups
  • Revolutionizing agriculture with AI in emerging markets

Register here.

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