Genshin Impact Hosts Genshin Concert 2022 on October 2

Genshin Concert 2022

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HoYoverse announced that Genshin Impact will carry on its concert series with Genshin Concert 2022 – Melodies of an Endless Journey on October 2, 2022.

To present Genshin Concert 2022, Genshin Impact and HOYO-MiX invited the composer, arranger, and music producer Shiro SAGISU as Music Director along with the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra. They will lead you on a journey through the first two years of Teyvat’s musical landscape.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play, open-world adventure RPG that brings you to the world of Teyvat. You play the role of the mysterious “Traveler”, who sets off on a journey to discover the fate of your lost sibling and unveils the mysterious secrets of Teyvat along the way. You can now explore Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, and Sumeru, four of the seven major areas in Teyvat.

The original soundtracks of the game are composed and produced by Yu-Peng Chen and HOYO-MiX. The aim of the soundtracks is to depict the diversity of regions, cultures, and people in the world of Teyvat.

“Creating music for Genshin Impact has always been an endless exploration for me and the HOYO-MiX team. In the past year, as Inazuma and Sumeru unfolded, we’ve strived to enrich the Genshin Impact music with inspirations drawn from all over the world. I’m excited to see how these soundtracks resonate with musicians and players across the world.”

Yu-Peng Chen, HOYO-MiX Composer and Music Producer

Genshin Concert 2022

Genshin Concert 2022

The Genshin Concert 2022 will be approximately 75 minutes long and feature renditions and creative adaptations of iconic Genshin Impact soundtracks. The Hollywood Chamber Orchestra will be performing the symphonic piece conducted by award-winning music conductor and composer, Eimear Noone.

Meanwhile, Shiro SAGISU, the event’s Music Director, has served as a music producer and composer for films and animes including Neon Genesis Evangelion. He will collaborate with popular bands, folk musicians, and talented artists from different backgrounds to reimagine the Genshin Impact Genshin Impact soundtracks in contemporary styles.

“The original Genshin Impact soundtracks fit perfectly into the actual in-game scenes and ambiance, and also provide much to imagine beyond the game. Together with the HOYO-MiX team and global artists, we’ve tried different touches to the music, weaving elements of pop music, rock, and jazz into it. Hopefully, we can create a refreshing and fun experience for the players.”


The Genshin Concert 2022 will be live streamed for free on October 2, 2022 at 12 PM (Philippine Time) via the official Genshin Impact YouTube channel.

For more information and updates, visit the official Genshin Impact website or follow the official Facebook and Twitter.

Check out the trailer below:

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