EVGA Terminates Partnership with Nvidia Citing Disrespectful Treatment

EVGA Nvidia terminates partnership

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The upcoming RTX 40 series launch won’t be as exciting as we won’t see EVGA branded RTX 40 series graphics card due to EVGA terminating its partnership with Nvidia. Youtubers JayzTwoCents and Gamers Nexus both released a video revealing first-hand information about the termination with a rather controversial reason as to why EVGA decided to go down this path.

EVGA Nvidia terminates partnership

EVGA will no longer be manufacturing Nvidia GPUs in the future making its RTX 30 series line the last from the brand. JayzTwoCents and Steve from Gamers Nexus held a meeting with EVGA CEO Andrew Han about the latter’s decision to no longer work with Nvidia in the future. The major reason for this termination is EVGA claiming to experience disrespectful treatment from the upper echelon of Nvidia. Andrew Han stated a few examples of the “disrespectful” treatment such as the brand not receiving official drivers before launch and even only knowing the information about the latest products at the same time as the global announcement. JayzTwoCents expounded that other brand reps and EVGA had to rely on other media, including JayzTwoCents for drivers.

According to both EVGA, only the upper management of Nvidia and EVGA know about the termination up until the video release of both YouTubers. EVGA has recently laid off most of its staff in its Taiwan office. EVGA employees will reportedly be taken care of but a mass layoff will likely happen given that the GPU department has the largest number of workers from the brand.

What’s Next for EVGA?

In the meeting, EVGA clarified that it will only sell its current RTX 30 series inventory and will no longer restock nor offer the upcoming RTX 40 series graphics card. Andrew Han also clarified that they will not sell the company. EVGA’s GPU business is 80% of the company’s revenue however Andrew Han stated that the margins are not that great and that the company and most AIBs are experiencing a loss with the recent price drops. That said, EVGA also mentioned that it has no plans to do business with either Intel or AMD to replace the lost GPU business.

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