Nothing phone (1) Goes Through the JerryRigEverything Teardown Revealing Its Innards


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YouTuber JerryRigEverything (JRE) is highly known for his durability tests and teardown videos. And the latest device to go through the latter is the Nothing phone (1) after going through and surviving the durability test.

Nothing phone 1 review rear

The device was launched globally last month and locally earlier this month with a unique transparent design with aesthetic pieces that hint at parts like the charging coil and more. Because of this unique design, the teardown piqued our interest even more.

Nothing phone (1) - JerryRigEverything Teardown video - adhesive

Upon removing the glass back of the device, the YouTuber finds out that some aesthetic pieces that make visual separations are attached with adhesive. An example of this is the light on the upper right which turns on when you’re taking a video.

Nothing phone (1) - JerryRigEverything Teardown video - LED strips

Additionally, he reveals that the LED strips on the Glyph Interface, especially on the White option, has a diffusing sticker.

Other takeaways from the teardown include a removable battery in the back, which was also the noise found in the bend test in the durability test.

Nothing phone (1) - JerryRigEverything Teardown video - battery

At the end of the video, the skilled YouTuber put everything back together and was able to boot up the device, which is good news.

Overall, it was interesting to see the inner workings of the Nothing phone (1), especially seeing what lies in the little panels that we see in the see-through glass back panel.

Watch the full teardown video below:


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