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When it comes to audio products, JBL is one of those names that almost everyone knows, thanks to their numerous offerings across every category. Today, we’re taking a look at one of their TWS Earbuds. The JBL Live Pro+ TWS is a sub-PhP10k product that brings a number of premium features to the table including Adaptive Noise Cancellation and, Wireless Charging.

What’s in the Box

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Design and Build Quality

The JBL Live Pro+ comes in a variety of colors to suit your style. This white color uses a matte finish on the case, which is made of plastic, but doesn’t feel flimsy at all. There a very subtle JBL branding on the lid, which is a nice touch. There are three lights that indicate battery life, and a USB-C port at the back.

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The buds themselves are also made of plastic, but don’t feel flimsy. Additionally, this makes them light, allowing for less of the hanging feel on your ear. The in-ear design is used in conjunction with a stem, presumably for easier handling.

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There are no physical buttons on the buds – each action is done using touch controls. You can configure what each gesture will do using the JBL Headphones app.

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The case can be charged wired or wirelessly using a Qi charger. It also features IPX4 water resistance, so you can have the confidence to take it on your adventures.


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The in-ear design allows you to use a specific tip size to get the ideal fit and seal. The buds come with the mediums on out of the box, with four more pairs included. Getting a good seal can be tricky, as the “head” part of the earbud is quite chunky.

Once on though, I could wear these comfortably for hours without hurting my ears. They stay secure, even with a lot of head movement. The JBL Live Pro+ features Bluetooth 5, and with a single hollow block wall in between me and the source, a vivo X70, I was able to go to around 6 to 7 meters before experiencing “drops” in the audio.

Isolation/ANC/Transparency Mode

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Passive isolation is decent, but what makes these even more special, is its Adaptive Noise Cancellation, which is enough to significantly reduce the sound of those loud motorcycle passing by. It’s not a completely silent scenario, but it does the job well enough for an enjoyable listening experience.

Using the JBL Headphones app, you can set what type of ANC you want. You’ll be able to choose from three modes – Everyday Mode, which is supposedly to Block out noise of everyday life, Travel Mode, and Active Mode, which is best used when you’re doing outdoor activities, now, I tried all three, and I’m not sure why, but I can’t tell the difference, and seriously, what do they mean by everyday life?

While probably not a deal breaker for most, I also wish that there was a clear indication of which mode you’re in – say whether ANC is on or not when using touch controls rather than just a beep for everything.

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Like most TWS Headphones in the upper price range, these have a transparency mode to increase awareness of what’s going on around you (Ambient Aware), and for having a normal conversation without having to take off the earbuds (TalkThru). You can also set these options via the JBL Headphones app. The audio quality isn’t the clearest, but is enough to be understood.

Sound Quality

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The low end on the JBL Live Pro+ TWS is what I would call well-controlled. It’s as if when to go all out and when to calm down. In an upbeat house track, it’s very evident, has good impact and depth. In a slow vocal track, it allows the other frequencies to shine, without losing its identity. It’s there, it establishes its presence, but does not overpower.

Vocals are properly forward and come across with good clarity, texture, and warmth that I could listen for long hours without my ears getting fatigued. The Treble offers enough sparkle to be lively, but not sharp enough to hurt my ears.

The only issue I have is that even at around 90% volume, these seem less than how loud you’d expect them to be. A bit more bump in this department would be great. As for detail retrieval, I would rate it as very good as I was able to hear subtle string bits with excellent clarity from a specific track. As for soundstage, it isn’t over close, like in your face, but it isn’t wide either.

Microphone Test

Battery Life

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Playing music continuously at 80% volume with ANC set to Everyday Mode, the JBL Live Pro+ TWS managed to run for around 6.5 hours before running out of battery.


The JBL Live Pro+ is one of the most well-balanced sounding TWS Earbuds I have used, with no frequency being given a huge boost, allowing it to jive well with most genres of music. It’s got a clean look, is comfortable to use, and its ANC is no gimmick, but something that actually works well.

The JBL Headphones app extends the functions of earbuds, allowing you to customize the touch controls, and even the overall sound via a dedicated equalizer. The wireless charging feature is a good bonus, and all that for a sub-PhP10k price tag.

On the flip side, I do have a few things on the wishlist – a volume normalizer, an actual voice notification for switching modes, and better microphone audio quality.

Emman has been writing technical and feature articles since 2010. Prior to this, he became one of the instructors at Asia Pacific College in 2008, and eventually landed a job as Business Analyst and Technical Writer at Integrated Open Source Solutions for almost 3 years.

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