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The past two years have shown us the fast rise in play-to-earn games and NFT’s (non-fungible tokens). The Philippines has been one of the countries that are at the forefront of this phenomenon. This has ignited the development of games like Anito Legends by local talents.

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Anito Legends is the first roguelike auto battler game that is being developed in the Philippines by local talents. The game features a player-controlled team of “Anitos” that is based on Philippines folklore to conquer towers and earn rewards. The Kiwig, Sarangay, Tikbalang, and Siyokoy are the first four Anito classes available at launch. The game has two modes – adventure and PVP modes the former is where payers earn rewards while the latter is more competitive and gives the player a chance to win more valuable rewards.

In addition, the game has a dual-token system that includes $LARO as its governance token and $GINTO as its utility token. IGO (Initial Game Offerings) will start around Q2 2022 with the pre-sale of the initial genesis NFT’s and followed by the play-to-earn mechanics that will be implemented within those six months right before the year ends.

 “As game developers with more than a decade’s experience in the casual gaming space, we want to explore this new platform using the blockchain so that players have the ability to earn a little bit of currency or at least recuperate the cost of the game. We want to further the space by creating a game that is truly fun to play by releasing regular updates for years to come.”

 James Chua, CEO of Masayato PTE LTD, the developer behind Anito Legend

Anito Legends screen anito care

Anito Legends celebrates local talents and their achievements. In partnership with the team, the in-game lore is written by Palanca award-winning author/horror writer Yvette Tan. The Soundtrack is being developed by Myth_OS, which is composed of the duo Malek Lopez (Buy Bust 2018, Never Tear Us Apart 2018, and Mighty Robo V 2021) and Miguel Sobrepena (Never Tear Us Apart 2018, and Midnight in a Perfect World 2020)

The players will need to have a Metamask wallet address that is used in many play-to-earn games. Players can earn NFT giveaways for signing up early. You can currently play on desktop browsers on PC and MAC. The versions for Android and iOS browsers are also being developed.

To access the closed beta testing sign-up, you can click here.

Anito Legends screen tower mode

Anito Legends is developed by Masayato PTE LTD. The team has a combined experience of 20 years of game development in the hyper-casual space in mobile gaming. 

Moreover, the veteran team is no stranger to the gaming industry because of their success in previous projects and a number of their games on Android and iOS that garnered 50 million downloads with a current daily active user of 20,000 players.

Anito Legends screen arena mode

The Philippines based team has had media attention in the past with a number of social experiments like Vote Clicker, an app that made the 2016 elections into a game that received mainstream media attention, and also Streetfood Tycoon which was featured in the country’s biggest TV network and other media outlets as well.

James Chua, team leader and CEO, has over 10 years of experience as a mobile game developer having founded Pixelkit Inc and Popsicle Games with co-founder Jed Cruz. Jed is a faculty member for Multimedia Arts in one of Manila’s top colleges for the past 5 years serving as the team’s Chief Creative Officer.

Erick Garayblas is the COO that is in charge of overall game design. He won the Storm of the World game design contest beating 250 other participants from other countries. Erick is also a start-up mentor for Ideaspace and Startup Weekend and has been featured as one of the “Mad Men of Mobile” in a book with the same title.

Lastly, the CMO, Jayvee Fernandez, brings to the table over 15 years of experience in traditional and digital media.

Anito Legends screen gameplay

The team has inked more than a dozen deals with venture capitals (VC) in the crypto space since last year. It is incubated and guided by ExNetwork Capital with other VC firms such as AlphaCoin Fund, Automatic Venture Group, Spherium Finance, AV Star Capital, Nine Financial Venture, Area 13, CSP DAO.  Dreamboat Capital, Moneybees, Sparkpoint Technologies, and Kingpad launchpad.

For more information regarding Anito Legends, visit their official website, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, blog, YouTube.

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