NFT1, Cointelegraph and Ducky partner to launch ‘Lucky Duckies’ NFT with Rare Collectible Physical Keyboards


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Keyboard collectors are accustomed to looking for the best keyboard layout, build, switches and artisan keycaps. The hunt for rare builds has been a staple activity by collectors, and it seems that it will not end anytime soon as more keyboard-related collectibles appear in the market like NFTs.

Last October 14, Singapore-based NFT production house, NFT1, announced ‘Lucky Duckies Originals’ NFTs. The digital asset production house, NFT1, worked with Ducky, an electronics company known for keyboards, mices and keyboard accessories based in Taiwan.

What are Lucky Duckies Originals?

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‘Lucky Duckies Originals’ is a debut collection in collaboration with NFT1, Cointelegraph, Binance NFT Marketplace, and five international artists from all over the globe. The collection is minted on Binance and will drop on October 22. There are a total of 25 designs spread through different rarity-rank with total 25,000 MFTs minted. Each box costs 20 BUSD, and each account can buy a maximum of 20 boxes, 5 boxes per transaction. Early supporters and participating minters of the community will receive benefits during future drops.

The collection consists of 25,000 boxes in various rarities:

  • 200 Super Super Rare (SSR): Concepted by Cointelegraph and co-produced with NFT1, these elusive of Duckies exhibit the outlet’s unique and trademark art style. Better yet, the Super Super Rare Duckies are pegged to a real-world upcoming limited-edition keyboard release from Ducky.

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  • 5,125 Super Rare (SR): The Super Rare Duckies are the most valuable in the collection in terms of art. This line comprises Satoshi, Vitalik, and Elon, with all three designed by Cointelegraph illustrators and co-produced with NFT1, and four Duckies designed by famous French pop-up artist JAYET.
  • 9,000 Rare and 10,648 Normal (R, N): A diverse and unique collection of pieces from Argentinian artist Gassspanic, Switzerland’s Accard1 and Nes100Pro (both from TeamBlackCat international 3D artists community), and Latvia’s Hobijist, encompassing pieces that explore the experimental, the deeply personal, and the joys of color.

The original collection of NFTs also has a gacha element or mystery box mechanics that will definitely excite both NFT and keyboard collectors because of the real world collectibles they can possibly get. This means that those who will purchase NFT boxes dropping at Binance on October 22 and get to pull an SSR ducky are eligible to receive a limited edition keyboard by Ducky.

Lucky Ducky Originals, the first of many

Lucky Ducky Originals is the first of many projects by NFT1 with global brands.

In a statement by NFT1 CEO and Co-Founder, Stephanie Panyasiri said, “NFT1’s mission is to create high quality NFTs with actual artistic and monetary value, not just blockchain enabled JPEGs, so we’re working to bridge the gap between physical collectibles and NFT infrastructure.” He also added, “We’re happy to have Ducky as our long term partner on this first experiment and we’re looking forward to helping more brands innovate through NFTs.”

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General Manager, DuckyChannel International Co. Ltd., General Manager, Strong Huang, also said, “Our collaboration with NFT1 is all about taking the collectibility of our Ducky products and creating new artistic ways to experience them. He also added, “NFT1 shares our passion for expression and working with them to bring the trademark attitude and collectibility of our products to the Lucky Ducky line of NFTs to tap into this brand new market has been exciting”

The Creations and Creators Behind Lucky Duckies

NFT1, Ducky and Cointelegraph collaborated with the best artists to create Lucky Duckies. Each Lucky created has a story. From SSR CryptoDuck by Cointelegraph to N-rarity Party-all-the-time Duck, each NFT is created by the most renowned and trend-setting brands with the highest quality.

NameCreatorNFT1Drop ChanceRarityNo. of Boxes
CryptoDuck #1Cointelegraphco-produced0.40%SSR100
CryptoDuck #2Cointelegraphco-produced0.40%SSR100
Satoshi DuckCointelegraphco-produced2.94%SR736
Vitalik DuckCointelegraphco-produced2.94%SR736
Elon DuckCointelegraphco-produced2.94%SR736
Ad’ DuckJAYET2.94%SR736
Jay DuckJAYET2.94%SR736
Pat’ DuckJAYET2.94%SR736
Sassou DuckJAYET2.94%SR736
Tattooed in the Sky DuckGassspanicco-produced4.50%R1,125
Hard Rock DuckGassspanicco-produced4.50%R1,125
Make Art not War DuckGassspanicco-produced4.50%R1,125
Magic Rainbow DuckGassspanicco-produced4.50%R1,125
Cyborg DuckTeam Blackcat / Accard14.50%R1,125
RGB DuckTeam Blackcat / Accard14.50%R1,125
City DuckTeam Blackcat / Ness100Pro4.50%R1,125
Rome DuckTeam Blackcat / Ness100Pro4.50%R1,125
Beach DuckTeam Blackcat / Accard15.32%N1,331
Deepsea DuckTeam Blackcat / Accard15.32%N1,331
Fabric DuckTeam Blackcat / Nes100Pro5.32%N1,331
Grass DuckTeam Blackcat / Nes100Pro5.32%N1,331
Love DuckHobijist5.32%N1,331
Crazy DuckHobijist5.32%N1,331
Chill DuckHobijist5.32%N1,331
Party-all-the-time DuckHobijist5.32%N1,331

Lucky Duckies are created by the most talented in the industry. Topbilling the list are the crypto artists of Cointelegraph. They have launched NFT drops in the past and agreed to create winning crypto-Duckies designs for the new drop, co-produced by NFT1. NFT1’s 3D artists also helped create the NFTs.

Other creators include the following:

Ducky is among the first consumer-electronics brands to collaborate with NFT production houses to offer brand-anchored NFTs in the market. As keyboard and NFT collectors seem to grow more each year, we expect this upcoming NFT drop at Binance to be an instant hit.

If you happen to be interested in participating in the upcoming drop or understand the mechanics, be sure to visit and Binance NFT Marketplace. You may also join their Discord channel on this link.

Giancarlo Viterbo is a Filipino Technology Journalist, blogger and Editor of, He is also a Geek, Dad and a Husband. He knows a lot about washing the dishes, doing some errands and following instructions from his boss on his day job. Follow him on twitter: @gianviterbo and @gadgetpilipinas.

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