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Cryptoblades is one of the most popular NFT games alongside Axie Infinity, MyDEFI Pet, and Cryptozoon. Cryptoblades is one of the most simple yet complex NFT games making it easier to get into than the rest of the games mentioned. If you’re interested in exploring Cyptoblades, read our How to Play Cryptoblades guide. Going back, Cryptoblades is simple because of the fighting mechanics where you equip one of your characters with a sword and battle a selection of four opponents. What makes it complex is the GAS FEES that are associated with everything that do in the game, from shopping characters and weapons, leveling up characters, and even fighting. In this guide, we will share a few tricks we’ve been practicing to reduce our overall expense in Cryptoblades thus maximizing our profits.

Notice and Disclaimer: NFT games require you to spend or invest a certain amount of money to play. Earnings in Cryptoblades or any NFT game, in general, are not consistent and should be considered extremely volatile. Before investing, you should DYOR(Do Your Own Research). While we have a few tutorials and guides for Cryptoblades, you still bear the responsibility for your own actions.


How To Minimize Transaction Costs and Expenses In Cryptoblades - BNB PriceThe most basic technique in minimizing your cost in Cryptoblades is buying Binance Coin(BNB) at a lower price. BNB is used to convert to Skill to buy characters, forge weapons and purchase in the market. Buying at a BNB at a lower price, then converting it into skill means you get to essentially purchase Cryptoblades assets at a discount(assuming BNB’s price goes up). Buying BNB at a lower price requires regular tracking of the cryptocurrency price. Aside from buying BNB at a lower price, try to lessen the frequency of your BNB purchases by buying a huge chunk every two weeks or monthly intervals instead of always buying BNB in “tingi“. This way, you can save up on the conversion fee from FIAT to BNB and also save up on gas fees when transferring BNB to your Metamask wallet.


As mentioned earlier, GAS FEES are inevitable in Cryptoblades because every transaction in the game involves paying gas fees to update the contract on the Binance Smart Chain Network. With the surge of players in Cryptoblades, the BSC network gets congested resulting in longer waiting times per transaction not to mention high GAS FEES which reduces your profit. One way to lessen your expenses is to choose the right time to battle opponents. The photos above show the gas fee difference for the fights that happened on Aug 03, 2021, 1:23 PM (left) and on August 04, 2021, 2:41AM(right). While the .000048 GAS FEE savings may seem small, the amount adds up, especially if you have many accounts and fight religiously to maximize your characters’ stamina. The same technique can be applied in weapon forging, recruiting, and in the market. If the BSC Network is congested because of heavy traffic, the extra gas fee expense may not be worth it especially if what you’re aiming to purchase does not have a timed duration.


How To Minimize Transaction Costs and Expenses In Cryptoblades - Character Level up guideIn Cryptoblades, the weapon tier and character level affect your earning potential inCryptoblades. However, unlike most games, your character gets substantial buffs every ten levels. That said, leveling up your characters as soon as they max out the current exp bar isn’t the best way to go as the incremental increase in earnings doesn’t scale well with the GAS FEES associated per level up. That said, our tip would be to only level up your characters once they’ve earned enough EXP for a 10-level jump( Ex: level up once your LVL 1 character accumulates 253 exp to reach LVL 11). You can refer to Cryptoblade’s Wiki Guide on Character Levels to know more about level milestones. To easily track your characters’ XP gain and how much they require to jump to the next level tier, we recommend using e3Dath’s CBTracker. You can also use the experience calculator provided by the Cryptoblades team.


How To Minimize Transaction Costs and Expenses In Cryptoblades - SKILL CashoutLike Recruiting, Forging, and Combat, withdrawing your $SKILL rewards also requires GAS FEES in order to reflect in your SKILL BALANCE. Moreover, converting withdrawn skill to BNB then USDT, and finally to your bank account also have associated gas fees. A simple way to mitigate all these unnecessary expenses is to set a withdrawal schedule every 15-days or every month. Sure, there’s a risk of $SKILL’s price going down, but the weight of the early withdraw tax and gas fees is still heavier than the token’s volatility.


How To Minimize Transaction Costs and Expenses In Cryptoblades - Staking

Cryptoblades has the $SKILL Staking feature available inside the game and it is the main tool that everybody should use to counter gas fees and the game’s early withdrawal tax restriction. Think of staking as a short-term deposit where you are rewarded with a small amount of interest for the duration of your deposit. Staking not only gives you extra $SKILL but also mitigates the 15% early withdrawal tax that we talked about earlier. The 15% early withdrawal tax is reduced by 1% per day while staking is locked for a minimum of 7 days. So by the time that the withdrawal tax has reduced to 8%, you can already claim your staked $SKILL as well as the interest earned. Additionally, if you follow the bi-monthly or monthly withdrawal scheme, you can take further advantage of the APY or interest yield by letting your earned $SKILL stake for a while longer.

A Strong Reminder

Cryptobladaes is an NFT Game that’s anchored on Cryptocurrency particularly $SKILL and $BNB. Cryptocurrency, in general, is very risky, and is recommended that you do your own research before investing. Know what you are getting into and only invest an amount that you are prepared to lose.

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