Huawei Partners with JMC to Pursue Fifth Industrial Revolution


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Huawei partnered with Jose Maria College (JMC) in an agreement to pursue the fifth industrial revolution of educational technology.

Huawei - JMC partner for ICT deal 1

Through the partnership, students will be able to access tools like Learning Management Systems (LMS), Virtual Laboratories, Virtual Reality, Smart Campus, etc.

The opportunities are limitless with both JMC and Huawei on the same page of commitment, according to Ken Sentorias, the JMC Information and Communications Technology Office Director.

Huawei - JMC partner for ICT deal 2

The Philippines is among the countries that are still in the third industrial revolution of educational technology. Meanwhile, developed countries like Japan, China, and the US are experiencing the fifth revolution.

JMC believes that the partnership will bring the institution a step closer to realizing its goal of delivering quality education through the use of technology.

We are planning the best for the students. And next year, we are going to announce something really great,”

Ken Sentorias

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