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Some of our friends have been asking – Is CryptoBlades better than Axie Infinity?: Short answer: NO.

“Bakit kailangan paglabanin kung puwede namang maganda parehas?” CryptoBlades is not better than Axie Infinity, but Axie Infinity is not better than CryptoBlades either. These two games are both giving opportunities for players to earn, and the only thing that will hinder people from investing in and playing these games is the amount of available capital to start. However, these P2E games have advantages and disadvantages, and I’m here to share my thoughts about them.

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Time and again, we at Gadget Pilipinas have been very particular with how one should ideally manage their finances especially when it comes to investment vehicles that can be both managed and participated in thru the internet. Whether it’s investing in online brokerage, VUL products, UITF, or cryptocurrency, it is important to first build savings and emergency fund portfolios before anything else.

CryptoBlades and Axie Infinity have high capital requirements in order to play and maximize your profits to speed up your ROI. As of this writing, CryptoBlades require around 1 to 1.5BNB (around 15K to 20K) in order to have a full stacked team with one to two weapons. Axie Infinity, on the other hand, requires players to buy a team worth PhP80K to PHP120K before playing.

Filipinos have been one of the most active people in P2E (play-to-earn) Discord servers and Facebook groups. While we cannot change the fact that some Filipino Axie players are dissing some Filipino CryptoBlades players (vise versa), most people are still very optimistic about these games.

Now at this point, let me tell you the advantages and disadvantages of both games. Note that the following is based on the current state of both games (as of July 27, 2021). I will try to update as much as possible.

Advantages and Disadvantages of CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades’ governance token is SKILL. It reached an ATH of $195.60 and now currently plays around $130 to $170 (per SKILL). Players who play this game earn withdrawable SKILLS per every winning match and in-game SKILLS as a bonus for recruiting, forging, and reforging new weapons. In-game SKILLS cannot be used in the marketplace.

The game’s rewards and pricing mechanics are determined by Oracle. Oracle’s sole purpose is to balance the SKILL payout through combat, along with minting and reforging costs to the current value of SKILL. Oracle takes into account the current value of the token, and balances the economy of the game, thereby ensuring consistent dollar value payouts per flight transaction at the time it was made. This makes CryptoBlades well-balanced and technically fair in terms of payouts. This is a major advantage of CryptoBlades.

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Since the game is rapidly evolving, it is expected for sudden shifts in gameplay mechanics and rewards systems that may or may not please everyone. At the onset, because of Oracle’s means to try to catch up to the fluctuating price of SKILL, some players will notice a massive change in reward yield.

To enliven the interest of the community and avoid FUD, the developers of the P2E game out certain promos to offset any perceived imbalance of Oracle’s latest update. They give free in-game SKILL per ever staking performed to encourage people to hold their SKILLS portfolio. They also occasionally run FREE SKILL for recruitment.

CrytoBlades, while there’s capital required to play the game, does not require as much as Axie Infinity. This gives an opportunity for P2E players to divest their profit to another relatively sustainable one, just like CryptoBlades. A player can earn around .75 SKILLS per day or roughly around $97.5 per day ($2,925/mo.) assuming that the amount of reward per match does not massively change every day.

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CryptoBlades isn’t something played like Axie Infinity. It isn’t for everyone. It does not show fancy animations and does not have an application that will allow you to easily play and earn anywhere you are. There are certain computations and an in-depth understanding of the SKILLS rewards system to maximize your revenues. Once blocks at BSC are full, visual bugs and slow website response may be experienced by gamers.

You are not alone in this P2E game. There are a lot of Filipinos playing the game right now and the majority of them are very helpful in answering questions and teaching newcomers. There’s a CryptoBlades PH Community, which now has over 43K members at the time of this writing. There is also a Filipino community in CryptoBlades’ official Discord channel. There is even a Filipino developer who created a tool to easily track character stamina and XP gain. We covered this in this article.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Axie Infinity

Major Update as of August 9: Mavis decreased the maximum daily rewards per day from 100 to 50 on PVE Rewards, and 50 to 25 on Daily Quests Completion. More info here.

Axie Infinity sparked a lot of Filipinos’ interest because of its money-making potential. If you own a team, you can get about 150 SLP or Smooth Love Potion per day. While the amount of SLP has massively decreased from $.41 to $.26, the number of concurrent players of the game is still growing.

With 150 SLP per day, a player that is not part of a scholar engagement can earn around PhP1,950/day (PhP67,500/mo. at $.26 or PhP13 level). Since the cost of entry is much expensive than CryptoBlades, the duration or ROI is longer.

Just recently, both $SLP and $AXP can now directly be deposited, withdrawn, and traded in Binance. Despite this, however, it did not actually help in pumping its price and bring it back to $.40 level. The instability of servers is also contributing to the alleged FUD of some people over the fate of Axie Infinity.

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What is my take on this though? Similar to what I mentioned in Carlo’s vlog (see video below), alpha games and their respective infrastructures tend to get hit by application bugs, server issues, and stability. However, these things are the usual birth pains in this relatively new industry that we are in.

Despite these major and valid concerns by gamers, Axie Infinity may continue to be one of the profitable means to earn money. It is just a matter of time when things become stable and smooth for gamers. Kapit lang.

I have limited amount of investible money? What P2E game do I play first?

The keyword is “investible”. As an advocate of proper savings and investment paths, you have to first identify if P2E games are for you. As I mentioned in my previous articles, be sure to build your savings and insurance portfolio, then invest the rest. DO NOT TAKE A LOAN OR SELL YOUR ASSETS TO FUND YOUR P2E BUDGET!

Assuming that your investible fund is only less than PhP25K, start with CryptoBlades and take your profit. Accumulate your profit until your reach the desired amount to buy an Axie Infinity Team. Once you’ve purchased your Axie Infinity Team and have taken profit from it, reinvest your money into other investment vehicles. It does not have to be “Cryptoblades is better than Axie Infinity, or vise versa.” It’s actually a matter of positioning your available investment funds better.

Giancarlo Viterbo is a Filipino Technology Journalist, blogger and Editor of, He is also a Geek, Dad and a Husband. He knows a lot about washing the dishes, doing some errands and following instructions from his boss on his day job. Follow him on twitter: @gianviterbo and @gadgetpilipinas.

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