LRT-1 Deploys E-Tap Loading Kiosks for Contactless Transactions


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LRT-1 Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) has just deployed 65 e-tap loading kiosks to all LRT-1 stations to promote a safer and more convenient commute.

LRT-1 e-tap loading kiosks 2

You can now load beep cards or Stored Value Cards (SVC) at the e-tap kiosks on your own to limit the face-to-face contact. Beep cards are one of the widely used payment methods including the different railway lines, Point-to-Point (P2P), Metro Manila city buses, and modern PUVs.

LRT-1 e-beep load machine
beep e-load machine

The e-tap kiosks work hand-in-hand with the existing Ticket Vending Machines where you can buy or load Single Journey Tickets. Additionally, LRT-1 stations also have beep e-load machines which are Over-The-Air loading machines. On these machines, you can transfer load from a mobile wallet or debit accounts to your beep cards.

LRT-1 ticket vending machine
Ticket Vending Machines

Your load on the card is reflected when you tap it in and updated using the beep e-load machine. Moreover, there are SVC extender machines used to extend the validity of expired beep cards. In order to do so, you’ll need to have a minimum balance of PHP 10.

LRT-1 SVC Extender
Stored Value Card Extender

“We at LRMC remain committed to finding solutions to improve our services every day. We take pride in knowing that what we do contributes to our society, not just through rail infrastructure improvements, but also through our steps towards making our transport sector at par with international standards and achieving integrated mobility. What we aim to create is an efficient and thriving ecosystem and community.”

Jacqueline Gorospe, LRMC Head of Corporate Communications and Customer Relations

For more updates on the LRT-1, follow the official Facebook or Twitter.

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