Lenovo Announces ThinkEdge SE30 and SE50 Embedded Computers in PH


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Lenovo has just announced the ThinkEdge SE30 and ThinkEdge SE50, its new portfolio of ThinkEdge embedded computers in the Philippines. Both are small, rugged, and powerful enough to meet the demanding needs of enterprise data processing, security, and scalability.

“Edge computing is critical infrastructure for intelligent transformation within the enterprise. The new products in the ThinkEdge portfolio are purpose-built devices designed to be networked on premise or embedded in solutions to give Lenovo’s customers an advantage in performance, security, and scalability.”

Michael Ngan, Lenovo Philippines President and General Manager

The ThinkEdge portfolio is supported by a growing group of software providers, OEMs, and system integrators to deliver devices that become a seamless part of the ecosystem. Some of these include Telit, IMS Evolve, Software AG, and more.

ThinkEdge SE30

Lenovo ThinkEdge SE30

The ThinkEdge SE30 is powered by the latest Intel Core i5 vPro processors for industrial computing. It improves compute power, accelerates AI workloads, and built for the challenges of edge implementations in enterprise. Additionally, it has extended temperature support from -20 to 60° Celsius.

It offers 4G and 5G support with carrier support in select areas. 5G edge devices enhance wireless connectivity to match the low-latency, high-reliability, and high capacity capbilities of existing wireline solutions. Among the embedded applications for the SE30 include kiosks and ATMs, medical device monitoring, to name a few.

ThinkEdge SE50

Lenovo ThinkEdge SE50

The ThinkEdge SE50, on the other hand, is designed for versatile applications that require higher analytics and data processing at the edge. It includes an Intel Core i5 or i7 Vpro processor and up to 32GB of RAM. Moreover, it has an operational temperature range of 0 to 50° Celsius and has a 2-liter design with a full industrial I/O.

It can aggregate and analyze real-time data from distributed IoT devices. You have the option to enhance tyour edge AI strategy with cutting edge silicon and doptimized software leveraging the OpenVINO toolkit.

The Lenovo ThinkEdge SE30 and SE50 are now available in the Philippines on a by-order basis via solution partners. Pricing will be available upon request. For more on the ThinkEdge portfolio, click here.

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