Reuters: Biden Administration to Look at New Restrictions on Tech Exports to China


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A report from Reuters mentioned that the Biden administration will “look at adding new targeted restrictions on certain sensitive technology exports to China in cooperation with allies”. The information was disclosed by an unnamed US senior official ahead of President Biden’s first official call with President Xi Jinping.

The new US administration won’t move to lift the current trade tariffs on China imposed by the Trump administration, according to the same report. It plans to “conduct intense consultation and review with US allies” before lifting any tariffs.

US President Joe Biden | Source

The new administration will also “ensure that it is not supplying highly sensitive technology that can advance China’s military capabilities”.

The Trump administration banned Huawei and more recently Xiaomi after the relations between the US and China went south. This left a significant dent in the tech world.

It’s too early to assume what the new Biden administration will be doing but it definitely seems like it will be a while before a possible middle ground agreement for either side of the US and China tech conflict can be found.


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