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Telavi - 1COVID-19 caught the world by surprise and even to this day, continues to wreak havoc on numerous countries and economies. With its debilitating effects on businesses, companies are now coming up with continuity plans for 2021 in order to survive while also easing up on their expenses.

According to many businesses, careful planning and innovation are the two key areas that companies can look at in their bounce-back efforts.

One such innovation in focus is the use of cloud-based solutions for their operations and business processes. Migrating to the cloud will also give companies the flexibility to choose whatever cloud-based service or solution will work best for them regardless of the vendor.

To help businesses continue to exist and thrive in the middle of an extremely unpredictable environment, Erwin Co, President and CEO of a telecoms distribution company, offers Telavi Cloud, a cloud-based business communication solution.

Co looks at Telavi Cloud as a game-changing telephony solution that can help both Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Enterprise-level companies transition to a “new normal” hybrid work setup where employees may opt to work remotely.

Now available in the market and is perhaps the only one of its kind, Telavi Cloud is suited for companies with employees working from home.

According to Co, they have been dreaming of creating a cloud solution for the last 5 years but thought that the market was not ready back then. A lot of Filipinos are on Facebook or doing online banking but back then, not many were interested in migrating their telephony solutions to the cloud.

However, things have changed significantly. According to a global survey conducted from February 2020 to May 2020 by IBM among 6,000 executives, 100 of which are from the Philippines, many said they were already open to going to the cloud, specifically the hybrid cloud model.

“Globally, other countries have been doing it for several years already so the Philippines is really lagging behind, primarily because of Internet and other connectivity concerns. However, there are so many ways to make it highly-available. Multiple Internet connections, either fixed or wireless, can make the system robust and reliable.”

When it comes to bandwidth, Co explained that voice consumes a small amount. For video, regardless of how long they do video calls, connectivity has always been very stable.

“Connectivity over the Internet has improved significantly over the years. Bandwidth for video may be a bit more, but if you look at what we’re doing today with all these virtual meeting platforms, it has become very stable now.”

He further emphasized that with a hosted cloud system, a bigger server is created that’s centrally managed, more secure, and redundant because there are multiple servers backing up each other. A company can connect 10 to even 100,000 users, it doesn’t matter. Before, when companies buy equipment, they would normally depreciate these in 3 to 5 years, but even if the equipment hasn’t been fully depreciated yet, a new technology will emerge that will require companies to reinvest to keep abreast with developments.

“With Telavi Cloud, no more worries on additional purchases, just renewal of monthly subscription.”

In terms of security, everything that is transmitted and stored by the system is fully encrypted and secured. However, he emphasized that subscribers should also do their part to make sure that their information is protected.

Telavi Cloud will definitely be part of the solution to help the country, especially the smaller businesses, to bounce back, with affordable price points. The cheapest package is around less than PhP300 or below PhP10 per day. There are also packages designed depending on customer requirements, and some may pay more depending on the features they want but still, the objective is to help out as many businesses as possible.

As part of the roadmap for next year, Co said that they intend to release features that will enable users to enjoy CRM integration, omni-channel contact center, dialers, MS Teams integration, and a lot more.

“With the pandemic, businesses need to be prepared to be able to continue operating wherever their employees may be. If you need help in connecting your customers to your employees, we can get you up and running in a couple of days.”

For more information about Telavi Cloud, click here.

Emman has been writing technical and feature articles since 2010. Prior to this, he became one of the instructors at Asia Pacific College in 2008, and eventually landed a job as Business Analyst and Technical Writer at Integrated Open Source Solutions for almost 3 years.

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