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Last 2017, a Filipino-startup brand, Player One, released a premium quality gaming chair that was arguably a market disruptor as the Ghost v1 sported premium and exclusive features at a competitive Php 15,000 price tag. The market was then flooded by cheap, subpar quality gaming chairs priced under Php 10,000, which somehow undermined the brand’s efforts in producing a quality, premium gaming chair for less. Despite that, the Player One Ghost was a success for the brand as they depleted its stocks but fueled its customers with joy and a high comfort level. Three years later, Player One debuts the Player One Ghost v2 gaming chair, which promises a much more comfortable gaming experience.

PlayerOne Ghost v2 Review - Legion x Player One Ghost collabThe popularity of the Ghost opened the doors for collaboration between Lenovo legion and Player One. As more Player One gaming chair arrived at the hands(or butt) of consumers both the Ghost and Legion edition, more feedback is received by Player One. The most common ones are from the pillows and the seat itself. The Player One Ghost v2 addresses the customer’s feedback and introduces some value-added features all for the same price of Php 15,000.

I reviewed the original Player One Ghost over at Back2Gaming. Be sure to read the first review if you want to know more about Player One and the original Ghost.

Material Specs – Ghost v1 vs Ghost v2

Material Specs Ghost Ghost v2
Foam Type High-Density Cold Molded Foam High-Density Cold Molded Foam
Frame Construction Quality Steel Frame Quality Steel Frame
Upholstery Material Matte Finished PU Leather Matte Finished PU Leather
Logo Stitching Machine Embroidery Machine Embroidery
Armrest Adjustable 3D PU Coated Armrests Adjustable 4D PU Coated Armrests
Mechanism Type Full Tilt with Lock Full Tilt with Lock
Hydraulic Class 4 Gas Lift Class 4 Gas Lift
Chair/Back Style: Full Backrest Full Backrest
Lumbar Cushion Leather, High-Density Cold Molded Foam Fabric, High-Density Cold Molded Foam
Head Cushion Leather, Soft Stretch Cotton Leather, High-Density Cold Molded Foam
Base 5 Star Steel Base Reinforced 5 Star Steel Base
Caster Material 5cm Nylon Casters 5cm Nylon Casters
Max Load 120kg 120kg
Suitable Height 5’3-6’0 ft 5’3-6’0 ft
Price Php 14,995 Php 14,995


Dimensions Ghost Ghost v2
Width of backrest 57 cm 57 cm
armrest to armrest 67 cm 74 cm
wid of seat including sides 55 cm 55 cm
diameter of wheel base 67 cm 67 cm
length of backrest 80 cm 80 cm
seat depth 51 cm 52 cm
floor to top of base sides 54-60 cm 47-54 cm
height adjustment 6 cm 7 cm
length of back pocket N/A 23 cm
width of back pocket N/A 44 cm

Unboxing, Assembly, and First Impressions

Player One Ghost v2 Gaming Chair Review 002

Compared to the previous Ghost, the packaging on the new Ghost v2 is shorter but definitely taller or thicker. Player One implemented a cost-saving measure by making the packaging more compact.

The packaging contents are separated by a long foam separating the gaming chair assembly process into two components – the base foundation and the chair proper.

Here we can see the result of a brand listening to its customers and fans – the reinforced 5-star steel base. A steel 5 star base on a gaming chair is a must-have, especially for weight support and an indicator of a good quality chair. With the iteration of the Player One Ghost v2, the brand decided to reinforce the steel base with soldered metal sheets on the core and the middle part of each leg. Props to Player One for addressing a crucial issue and weak point of gaming chairs as these legs usually succumb to pressure as some gamers tend to rest their feet on the 5-star steel base.

The nylon caster wheels seem to be unchanged from the previous version, but as someone who experienced and owned DX Racer and AK Racing gaming chairs, the ones used on the Ghost v2 seem to be standard. However, one gripe is the smudge and dirt they make on tiles if there’s enough friction.

The Player One Ghost v2 uses the same class 4 gas lift as seen with the original Ghost. It supports a full tilt with a lock mechanism.

At first glance, the main body of the Player One Ghost v2 looks similar to its predecessor. One basic telltale is the back part, where you can see a pocket, which we’ll get into later. A closer look reveals minor changes on the Ghost v2.

One of the things that make Player One’s chairs stand out compared to even branded ones is its stitching choice. Both the Player One Ghost and Ghost v2 use double machine-made stitching instead of the more common flap line highlight on gaming chairs. While the stitching remains unchanged, the wings or flaps are now wider to accommodate a bigger body. Moreover, the wings’ sides are now using carbon fiber instead of the normal PU leather found on the OG Ghost – a nice premium feel.

Like what we see on planes and buses, the addition of a back pocket seems unorthodox for gaming chairs. As such, it’s a convenient and nice to have feature considering Player One didn’t jack up the price of the Ghost v2. The pouch measures 44x25cm. I personally wouldn’t store heavy items as the pouch might tear. It’s a convenient method of keeping your desk clean from dangling cables, external hard drives, and other items – you just have to remember you put it there.

The seat base is where Player One made the most number of improvements on the Ghost v2. The wings on the base are now more angled, making it look shorter than the Ghost v1, resulting in the Ghost v2 being able to accommodate bigger people or people with larger thighs. The spec table also shows the Ghost v2 has a seat depth of 52mm compared to the Ghost v1’s 51mm. The 1mm might seem small, but it’s a huge difference once you get to try both gaming chairs side by side. The extra depth provides a more “cushion” feel and allows the bottom memory foam to adjust to your butt and thigh’s form properly.

Aesthetics wise, the same carbon fiber design found on the backrest’s wings are also applied to the wings on the base. On the previous Ghost, the seat base had a 50-50 split of a diamond stitch pattern and a perforated design. While the Ghost v2 now features a full perforated seat base for better comfort. The decision to go full perforation also results in a cleaner, minimalist aesthetic—frankly, the patch-style design on the front clashes with the clean aesthetic of the Ghost v2. I would’ve personally preferred a Player One text stitching on the front, or perhaps they could’ve transferred the diamond stitching there. Nonetheless, this choice doesn’t impact comfort by any means.

The screws on the Player One Ghost v2 are already preinstalled, whereas the previous Ghost v1 had the screws packed in a pouch. While you might complain about the ordeal of unscrewing and screwing again, it is way more efficient to have it this way versus looking back and forth at the manual and the screw package to see which is which. On my unboxing video of the Player One Ghost v1, I unknowingly interchanged a short and a long screw on the base, which took me a while before realizing the mistake. With the pre-installed screws, users can avoid the mistake I made, especially those who don’t like to read a manual or guide.

Even on the sides, the screws are preinstalled. I personally recommend assembling the base and the backrest first before the wheels or the chair for convenience.

Among the improvements made on the Player One Ghost v2 is the armrest. It now has a 4D armrest from the Ghost v1’s 3D. Moreover, the padding or cushion on the Ghost v2 armrest is stiffer than the one found on the Ghost v1 but not to the point where it hurts your elbows. The same could be said for the armrest adjustments as it requires more force to adjust but not to the point that it’s a hassle to adjust every time.

Head Pillow

If we could describe the head pillow in one word, it would be “thicccccc.” Yes, that’s how many c’s it deserved as the new head cushion one the Player One Ghost v2 now uses high-density cold molded foam compared to the previous soft stretch cotton. I personally prefer a puffier cushion but soft once you rest your head or neck. Depending on your height or the head cushion’s position, its density might prove to be a double-edged sword if you rest on it and it hits your neck or your C-spine.

According to Player One, the most feedback they got from customers about the Player One Ghost v1 is its lumbar pillow. Others wanted a less aggressive curve, while others wanted a softer cushion. In my last review, the Ghost v1’s lumbar pillow is a love-hate experience but was not just a generic gaming chair pillow as it sported an arguable better curve. On the Player One Ghost v2, the lumbar support pillow is entirely different in aesthetics, materials, and comfort.

Player One Ghost v2 Gaming Chair Review 087

The lumbar pillow of the Player One Ghost v2 still uses a cold-molded density foam, albeit in a different density compared to the Ghost v1. The new soft lumbar pillow now uses a mesh-like fabric for comfort and thus discards the diamond stitch pattern on the previous version. Instead, it uses a minimalist design with only an embroidered Player One logo on the lower right.

Fabric Cover

Player One Ghost v2 Gaming Chair Review - fabric cover

Player One managed to surprise us at the last minute with the addition of a fabric cover. While fabric covers are the trend for gaming chairs, especially where air conditioning is not an option, it’s usually purchased as a separate component and often on third-party retailers. Player One managed to include a two-piece fabric cover out of the box and its logo markings on the top head cushion part. It’s also a clever way of enticing customers who don’t like the leather feel to grab the Ghost v2 thanks to its included fabric cover.


Player One Ghost v2 Gaming Chair Review 098Design. The first Player One Ghost embodied a premium yet minimalist design, while the Ghost v2 features a more professional look with the reduction of the diamond stitch pattern. The carbon fiber highlights’ addition takes us to the roots of gaming chairs and your premium gamer feel. I personally prefer the Ghost v2 design as it still sports the gaming chair vibe we all know and love and yet attracts us with its professional, sleek aesthetic that makes you feel a boss – so much that you can purchase it for work, call it an office chair and get away with it.

Functionality. Alongside the aesthetic change of the Player One Ghost v2 is the reinforcement of its build quality and functionality. The perforations are expanded on the seat base as the diamond sitch pattern is removed, allowing it to counter and slightly dissipate heat over a long period of time. The additional dimension on the 4D armrest now makes it on the league of Php 20,0000+ priced gaming chairs. And finally, the addition of the Fabric cover makes the Ghost v2 gaming chair usable in different weather or climate conditions. Not to mention the back pocket to store some things.

Comfort. Player One continues to perfect its craft in gaming chairs with the small tweaks the make it an exceptional gaming chair in terms of comfort. The head cushion could be less stiff for my taste, but the lumbar support pillow is where the magic happens. It’s something that you really should experience to know that such a good product exists. Frankly, Player One could just sell a pack of head cushion, lumbar pillow, and fabric cover to replace the same generic ones found across multiple brands, even international ones. But that wouldn’t complete the experience as the ergonomics of the Player One Ghost v2 is the framework for the overall comfort. The angled wings, custom density, and other subtle changes are not just for looks but contribute to making the gamer last for hours when gaming – even sleep on it as it supports a 180° recline.

Value. Of course, these improvements come at a price, right? WRONG. The Player One Ghost v2, despite the carbon fiber accents, higher quality pillows, and inclusion of a fabric cover, still has the same SRP as the original Ghost at Php 15,000 ($300 US). This price effectively undercuts Php 20,000 gaming chairs and makes other premium chairs such as Secret Labs’ make their chairs pricing more for looks rather than comfort. It’s a bold claim, but the testament of Player One’s focus on quality and feedback from its fans is worth more value than fancy design collabs on an outdated bucket-style seat for today’s modern standard.

Player One Ghost v2 Gaming Chair ReviewThe Player One Ghost v2 ups the standard for gaming chairs priced under Php 15,000, albeit still at a premium for the Filipino market. That said, it’s entirely impressive to see a local brand keep up with global brands while introducing features only exclusive and unique to their product. The Player One Ghost v2 is a solid choice for hardcore gamers grinding their way through the ranks or want to stay immersed in Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City for as long as they can as comfort won’t be an issue with the Ghost v2. Moreover, the Player One Ghost v2 also attempts to cross the professional field with its aesthetics, feature-set, and comfort, making it a great alternative and a must-have for gamer-professionals who want the best of both worlds.

Perhaps Player One could enter the office-slash-ergonomic chair market?

Grant is a Financial Management graduate from UST. His passion for gadgets and tech crossed him over in the industry where he could apply his knowledge as an enthusiast and in-depth analytic skills as a Finance Major. His passion allows him to earn at the same time help Gadget Pilipinas' readers in making smart, value-based decisions and purchases with his reviews and guides.

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