Huawei Mate 40 Pro Takes Top Spot in DxOMark’s Charts


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The flagship smartphones of Huawei have held the reputation as one of the more impressive smartphones when comes to the camera department. It looks like not much has changed with the latest Mate 40 series as the Huawei Mate 40 Pro topped the DxOMark tests of both the front and rear camera systems.

The Mate 40 Pro took the top spot from the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, while in the selfie department, the previous top spot belonged to the Huawei P40 Pro.


Main camera shot from DxOMark

The camera of the Mate 40 Pro clocked in a new record high of 140 photo subscore. DxOMark was impressed with the dynamic range which was said to be pretty wide and held up its own even in lower-light environments.


Utlrawide shot from DxOMark

It also offered good detail and low noise levels across all ambient light levels. Autofocus on the main camera was also accurate and delay-free. In addition, portrait mode delivered natural-looking bokeh which looked pretty similar to using a DSLR and fast lens.


A telephoto shot from DxOMark

However, its telephoto lens autofocus was said to be hit-and-miss. The ultrawide camera was also impressive but can be considered the narrowest as far ultrawide lenses go.

The Mate 40 Pro also impressed with its video capabilities with a video subscore of 116. It said to give good detail and low noise levels in all situations. Auto white balance works well. Its autofocus was accurate and adapted smoothly when the subject distance changes. Video stabilization was also very good which was noticeable when panning or running while recording. It struggled in low light recording, according to the tests, which changes in sharpness between frames.


A front camera shot from DxOMark

The front camera was said to deliver good face exposure including in dimmer environments with a wide dynamic range. White balance was good in low light but was said to be slightly inaccurate in other conditions.

Despite fixed focus with the front camera, it was said to give a wide depth of field although there’s a reduction in detail in low light, which is understandable. There’s a display flash when it gets too dark which is said to offer good exposure but led to vignetting.


A Portrait shot with the Mate 40 Pro from DxOMark

Portrait mode was good but estimation errors were frequent on the edges of the subject despite the ToF depth sensor. Selfie videos offered good exposure in most conditions but lower light conditions showed loss of detail and noise.

If you want to read the full DxOMark rundown of the camera of the Mate 40 Pro, click here.

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